Akiho's Mother
Akiho's Mother.png
Akiho's Mother
Series Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
Age Unknown (deceased)
Relations Unnamed husband (deceased)
Akiho Shinomoto (daughter)
Likes Mint-Chocolate
Gender Female
Hair Ash-Blonde
Eyes Blue
First Appearance
Chapter 41

Mrs. Shinomoto is the mother of Akiho Shinomoto.


Mrs. Shinomoto is very similar to Akiho Shinomoto, but with long hair.

She wears the robe and hat of all members of her clan.



Mrs. Shinomoto was born into the oldest magician clan in Europe and was recognized by her great magical powers.

In her childhood she became friends with Nadeshiko Kinomoto when she was traveling in England with her grandparents. When they said goodbye, she told her friend that she could not write because she did not want to involve her in her world. The two would not meet again until many years later, when Nadeshiko studied in high school and she traveled the world with the person she loved. At that time, she gave some kind of magic to Nadeshiko's clock, telling her that it was destined for the "two beautiful Alice" that would come to them.

At some point she met Yuna D. Kaito, becoming a valuable friend to the young man.

She died shortly after giving birth to her daughter Akiho. At some point before this, she talked to Momo, asking her to take care of her "little Alice".


Yuna D. Kaito

Nadeshiko Kinomoto




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