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Alice in Clockland
Alice in Clock Land
Japanese: 時計の国のアリス
Romaji: Tokei no Kuni no Arisu
User(s): Akiho Shinomoto (subconsciously)
Momo (guardian)
Yuna D. Kaito (Pocketwatch with Exchange Card)
Used with: Time Magic Pocketwatch
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 12
First Appearance (Anime): Episode 8

Alice in Clockland (also referred to as "The Relic") is a large white and gold book. It seems to be the ancient relic that the European magic society has been hoarding for many years until Kaito stole it and gave it to Akiho.



The cover of the book is off-white with gold trim around the boarder. A golden clock, cogs, and star-like ornaments adorn the front along with a white ribbon near the top half.


The book itself changes according to the wishes of its current owner, adopting the name that this gives it. After passing into Akiho Shinomoto's hands, the book became Alice in Clockland since she wished it to.

It seems to depict the newest exploits of Sakura, in unconsciously making the Clear Cards, whom Akiho thinks is just Alice having her adventures in the Land of Clocks.


The origins of the book are unknown. It have passed down from owner to owner for a long time, many years ago, it was one of Clow Reed's collection of spell books but was never used as it was far too dangerous for the sorcerer to use fully.[1]

When Momo was born together with the gold book a long time ago, and that book is capable of granting its owner command over a special kind of sorcery: time magic, to those who make a contract with it. Unfortunately, whoever tried to master the time magic proved to be extremely difficult, so much so that no one ever did, and those who tried it rarely ended well. Momo out of guilt and tiredness for seeing so many people ruin themselves, almost decided to shut everything down.[2]

A young wizard, Yuna D. Kaito, convinces her to leave the book in his hands. He then gives the book to Akiho, as part of his plans to use the book with her along Exchange to make use of some kind of taboo magic.[3]

Kaito's plan is completed upon the creation of that Card, allowing him to free Akiho from both her role as a magical tool and her unhappy past. Thanks to the book, Akiho's story changed to make her Sakura's twin sister and in the turn Exchange card allowed Kaito to exchange his magic tool with Akiho's, passing all the spells she had registered in the book inside her to his own person.[4]

After fulfilling its purpose, both the book and Momo disappear to an unknown destination. Eriol speculates that the Clear Cards, being the "key" that activated the book, were sealed within it after its disappearance. With the world returning to the way it was before, Akiho decides to embark on a journey along Kaito not only to find a way to cure him of the effects of time magic, but also to find Momo and the book.[5]

Magical Properties[]

  • Time/Chrono Magic: Its forbidden magics are refereed to several times as "that magic" or "the taboo magic". It was finally revealed that this magic is to "rewrite time". This allows whoever uses it to alter the lifetime of those whose time is recorded in the book.
  • Story Shifting: The book is able to record the "time" of others inside its pages, being in fact a container of their past and memories. The book depict the day-to-day events of Sakura sealing the mystical cards and show it as Alice's adventures.
  • Creature Creation: The book created the rabbit-like creature, Momo, to be its guardian.
  • Inner World: The book displays an alternate dimension inside it, wich is a manifestation of the memories it have recorded. Since the book recorded Sakura and Akiho's story, it creates a world based on Alice in Clockland.



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