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Aquamarine Apron
Used in: Episode 5
Color(s): Blue
Pajamas (Clear Card)
High Waist One-piece

The Aquamarine Apron worn with a white dress is an outfit worn by Sakura Kinomoto when cooking. The Flower Embroidered Coat used over the same white dress is used for outings in the winter or spring.

Clear Card Costume Concept Art Ep 05

Design Description[]

"Sakura's personal clothing that appeared in Episode 5. Along with the one-piece with a white blouse style, this sakura-colored coat with embroidery around the collar is worn when Sakura is outside."
Official Description
A white cotton dress with long, blouse-style sleeves. The dress slims in at around the chest, giving the skirt a larger figure. This dress has a high collar, three buttons down the center, with the fabric on the buttons' sides folded multiple times on the chest area to give it a simple design. Brown and chestnut tights are worn underneath the dress.

When cooking, an aquamarine apron is worn over the dress. The apron has two pockets in front, the shoulder straps crossing at the back, with the apron itself securing at the back along the waist. As Sakura cooks at home, she wears her cream-colored house slippers.

When outing, a cherry blossom-colored coat is worn over-top. The pale peach colored collar is decorated with embroidery, creating a rose and leave pattern along it. The coat buttons beneath the collar, and material gathers at around the waist, with a separate flap at the back securing the gathered fabric. As Sakura wears this while she is out, she matches the outfit with a pair of mid-calf boots of chocolate brown, with the base being coffee brown, while the toe and heel is wood brown. Three buttons go along the side of the boots. Accessories include a tote bag, the main body being light lime, while the handle, base and where the wing logo of the Daidouji company goes being yellow.