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Black Dragon
The Black Dragon in Sakura's dream
Series Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
Also Known As Yuna D. Kaito
Likes *Entering Sakura's nightmares
Powers/Abilities *Dream Entering
Eyes yellow
First Appearance (Manga)
Chapter 3
Last Appearance (Manga)
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First Appearance (Anime)
"Episode 1" (nightmare)
Last Appearance (Anime)
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The Black Dragon is a mysterious dragon, fierce-looking malevolent serpentine man-made creature that frequently appears in Sakura's prophetic nightmares. It seems to represent Yuna D. Kaito and confronting Sakura in the future to attain the Clear Cards she will end in making, in which he will utilize in conjunction with Alice in Clockland to work forbidden magics.


It is very large and long with black scales and bat-like wings. It also has several glowing blue stones around its neck, and yellow glowing eyes. It also has feather like appendages coming out of its neck.

The long flank it the center of its head was where the cloaked figure was perched on.


Akiho's got no magical powers, but she quickly comes up with a clever way of "communicating" with the dragon, she said: blink your eyes to say 'yes', do nothing and stay like that to say 'no'. And so she immediately starts asking the dragon, because she needs to know, she needs to understand.

Akiho fires the first question: "Are you the one who re-wrote the world?" Kaito blinks, admitting it.

Akiho is very intuitive, so it's easy to guess where the question is leading: "Did you rewrite the world because I never had this, before? And were you the one who erased any trace of you from inside of me?".

Kaito cannot lie to the burning question, and he blinks his eyes. The pain of remembering how her clan abused her, how they got there because of something he said, the pain that resulted from the decision he made when he was just a kid.

And the next question is even more burning: "Did I wish for it?" Kaito does nothing, confirming he now understands that in fact, Akiho never asked for this. "Never."

And the girl herself confirms: "I don't remember (you), but I know. I would never wish for a happiness that did not include you". Kaito listens intently to her.

"I Want My Most Important Person Back" Then, with a very (very) resolute face, Akiho turns to her dear Sakura, and affirms: "Sakura-san. I want to bring my most important person back".

Sakura agrees with a pleased smile, she's totally ready to do anything to give her true happiness back to her "sister". Then, she turns to Dragon Kaito, and here we start with the "parallels" from when Lilie was telling her the words that Sakura is going to relay to Kaito now: "What is happiness, to you?".

It's time. Sakura announces to the Dragon that she's going to bring him back to "himself". Our girl does so because she wants to implicitly give him the chance to have a say in this. She doesn't really "ask", but it's like she's implicitly doing it, because she wants to make sure that this is something he wants too.

Sakura summons Rewind to return Kaito from his dragon form back to his human form. The card combines its power with the magic watch that Akiho brought to achieve it, although due to how powerful the spell that trapped Kaito was, he did not completely free himself and retained his dragon wings.[identifier 1]

Magical Abilities and Powers[]

  • Dream Walking/Entering: It easily goes into Sakura' subconscious and infiltrates her prophetic dreams foretelling an imminent encounter or major attack on her. It may be foreshadowing the fact that Kaito will eventually confront her directly once she creates the right Cards for him.
  • Winged Flight: Unlike regular snakes, it is capable of flying via its wings.
  • Levitation: It can levitate himself, or the objects floating to the thin air in the aerial.



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