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Kanji: 白紙
Katakana: ブランク
Romaji: Hakushi
Resemblance: Akiho
Counterpart: The Erase
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 79

Blank (Kanji: 白紙, Katakana: ブランク, Romaji: Hakushi) is one of the Clear Cards which Sakura secured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards.


Blank resemblances a young girl wearing a crystal tiara with black wings, and a blank book in her hands.

The card's appearance resembles Akiho Shinomoto and the wings of Yuna D. Kaito in his dragon form, due to the fact that Sakura crated this card specifically for the two of them.



Sakura creates this card in Chapter 79, being the first Clear Card she consciously creates. When Sakura realizes she doesn't have any card left she could use, she needs a new card to return everything to normal. Sakura decides that the best way to help Akiho and Kaito is to make the magicians who wanted to harm them forget them. After obtaining permission from both of them, Sakura, with the help of Yelan Li, activates the book inside Kaito, extracts its content and uses its power to create the Blank card.

Examine Use[]

Thus, Sakura uses Blank card along with Remind card she had just created to return the world to how it was before.

In Chapter 80, Eriol reveals that both Blank and Remind ceased to exist after having used every last drop of their power for Sakura's spell.

Magical Abilities[]

  • Memory Magic: The card is able to erase people memories, being able to make others forget everything related to a specific person.