Blue Water Jester Costume
Blue Water Jester Costume
Used in Episode 3
Chapter 3
Red Shadow Cape Costume
Pink Space Cadet Costume

The Blue Water Jester costume was featured in Episode 3 and was used to capture the Watery card. As the outfit is waterproof, this proves extremely useful in the fight against the Watery card. Blue Jester Costume Settei

Design Description

An ocean-blue leotard is worn underneath a white top layer. The white layer has large open sleeves, a collar, with triangular fabric that represents the key motif in a jester outfit extending from the collar and the bottom opening of the top layer. The last two tails at the back are at floor length, and each tail ends with a yellow ball. The shoes are pointed at the end to resemble jester shoes, and they are in ocean-blue to match the leotard. The end also comes with a yellow ball, and the opening is lined with white. Accessories include a pair of long, ocean-blue, globes, as well as a jester hat with a white lining, two yellow buttons on the side, and yellow balls at the end of the hat's long tips.



  • This is the first waterproof costume used for capturing cards.
  • This costume, as well as three other outfits, have made a brief appearance in the form of a sketch in Episode 2 of the Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc.


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