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The Cardcaptor Sakura anime being announced on the front cover of Animage 1998.

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Cardcaptor Sakura was adapted into an anime television series by the animation studio Madhouse.[1] The manga creators, CLAMP, were fully involved in the project, with head writer Nanase Ohkawa writing and composing the series' screenplay and Mokona Apapa overseeing the costumes and card designs.

Directed by Morio Asaka, the series premiered on NHK on April 7, 1998 where it ran for seventy episodes until its conclusion on March 21, 2000. The series was also aired across Japan by the anime satellite television network, Animax, who later broadcast the series across its respective networks worldwide. The series also spawned two feature films.


The series focuses on eleven-year old Sakura Kinomoto, a fourth grade elementary school student who discovers that she possesses exceptionally strong magical powers after accidentally freeing a set of fifty-two cards' from a magic book in which they had been sealed for years. She is tasked with retrieving those cards in order to avoid an unknown catastrophe from befalling the world, and is thus chosen by Cerberus as the 'Cardcaptor'.


The anime adaptation uses six pieces of theme music, three opening themes and three ending themes. The song "Catch You Catch Me", performed by Gumi, is used for the first season opening, "Tobira wo Akete" (扉をあけて) by ANZA is used for the second season opening. In the third season, the opening changes to "Platinum" (プラチナ, Purachina) by Maaya Sakamoto. The first season uses the song "Groovy!" by Komi Hirose for its ending theme. In the second season this changes to "Honey" by Chihiro and "FRUITS CANDY" by Megumi Kojima is used for the third season.

For a list full list of soundtracks, see List of Cardcaptor Sakura albums.

The Cardcaptors English adaptation replaced the original theme songs with a brand new song created for the series, "Cardcaptors Main Title".

The Australian dub, however, received an adaption of both "Catch You Catch Me" and "Platinum" (renamed "I Am a Dreamer"). The ending credits used were an instrumental version of the Cardcaptors theme song.

Episodes (1998-2004)

Season One

Ep. # Pic Episode Title Original Airdates
1 21
Episode 1.jpg "Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book"
"Sakura to Fushigi na Mahō no Hon" (さくらと不思議な魔法の本)
April 7, 1998 (JP)
June 23, 2001 (EN)
March 7, 2001 (CA)
Episode 2.jpg "Sakura's Wonderful Friend
"Sakura no Suteki na Otomodachi" (さくらのすてきなお友達)
April 14, 1998 (JP)
March 11, 2001 (CA)
3 16 Episode 3.jpg "Sakura's Heart-Racing First Date"
"Sakura no Dokidoki Hatsu Dēto" (さくらのドキドキ初デート)
April 21, 1998 (JP)
November 18, 2000 (EN)
January 14, 2001 (CA)
Episode 4.jpg "Sakura's Tiring Sunday"
"Sakura no Kutakuta Nichiyōbi" (さくらのくたくた日曜日)"
April 28, 1998 (JP)
March 18, 2001 (CA)
Episode 5.jpg "Sakura, Panda, and a Cute Shop"
"Sakura to Panda to Kawaii Omise" (さくらとパンダとかわいいお店)
May 5, 1998 (JP)
March 25, 2001 (CA)
6 Episode 6.jpg "Sakura and Her Memories of Her Mother"
"Sakura to Okaa-san no Omoide" (さくらとおかあさんの思い出)
May 12, 1998 (JP)
April 1, 2001 (CA)
7 23 Episode 7.jpg "Sakura's First Attempt As A Thief"
"Sakura no Kaitō Hatsu Chōsen!?" (さくらの怪盗初挑戦!?)
May 19, 1998 (JP)
July 7, 2001 (EN)
April 8, 2001 (CA)
8 1 Episode 8.jpg "Sakura's Rival Appears"
"Sakura no Raibaru, Tōjō!" (さくらのライバル、登場!)
May 26, 1998 (JP)
June 17, 2000 (EN)
August 23, 2000 (CA)
9 5 Episode 9.png "Sakura and the Mysterious Brooch"
"Sakura to Fushigi na Burōchi" (さくらとふしぎなブローチ)
June 2, 1998 (JP)
July 15, 2000 (EN)
August 27, 2000 (CA)
10 Episode 10.jpg "Sakura and the Sports Day of Flowers"
"Sakura to Hana no Undōkai" (さくらと花の運動会)
June 16, 1998 (JP)
May 27, 2001 (CA)
11 Episode 11.png "Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Mansion"
"Sakura to Tomoyo to Ookina Ouchi" (さくらと知世と大きなお家)
June 23, 1998 (JP)
September 9, 2001 (CA)
12 2 Episode 12.png "Sakura's Never-Ending Day"
"Sakura no Owara nai Ichinichi" (さくらの終わらない一日)
June 30, 1998 (JP)
June 24, 2000 (EN)
September 3, 2000 (CA)
13 4 Episode 13.png "Sakura and the Elephant's Test of Strength"
"Sakura to Zō no Chikara Kurabe" (さくらとゾウの力くらべ)
July 7, 1998 (JP)
July 29, 2000 (EN)
September 10, 2000 (CA)
14 Episode 14.png "Sakura, Touya, and Cinderella"
Sakura to Tōya to Cinderella" (さくらと桃矢とシンデレラ)
July 14, 1998 (JP)
September 22, 2001 (CA)
15 Episode 15.png "Sakura and Kero's Big Fight"
"Sakura to Kero no Oogenka" (さくらとケロの大げんか)
July 21, 1998 (JP)
16 Episode 16.png "Sakura and the Rainbow of Memories"
"Sakura to Omoide no Niji" (さくらと思い出の虹)
August 4, 1998 (JP)
17 3 Episode 17.png "Sakura's Scary Test of Courage"
"Sakura no Kowai Kimodameshi" (さくらのこわーいきもだめし)
August 11, 1998 (JP)
July 8, 2000 (EN)
September 17, 2000 (CA)
18 Episode 18.png "Sakura, Yukito, and the Summer Festival"
"Sakura to Yukito no Natsumatsuri" (さくらと雪兎と夏祭り)
August 18, 1998 (JP)
September 29, 2001 (CA)
19 Episode 19.png "Sakura and the Summer Holiday Homework"
Sakura to Natsuyasumi no Shukudai" (さくらと夏休みの宿題)
September 1, 1998 (JP)
April 22, 2001 (CA)
20 6 Episode 20.png "Transfer Student vs. Sakura"
"Sakura to Tatakau Tenkousei" (さくらとたたかう転校生)
September 8, 1998 (JP)
August 5, 2000 (EN)
September 24, 2000 (CA)
21 Episode 21.png "Sakura's Long Marathon Race"
"Sakura no Nagai Marason Taikai" (さくらのながーいマラソン大会)
September 15, 1998 (JP)
September 30, 2001 (CA)
22 Episode 22.png "Sakura and Her Kind Father"
"Sakura to Yasashii Otousan" (さくらとやさしいお父さん)
September 22, 1998 (JP)
April 18, 2001 (CA)
23 Episode 23.png "Sakura, Tomoyo, and a Wonderful Song"
"Sakura to Tomoyo to Suteki na Uta" (さくらと知世とすてきな歌)
September 29, 1998 (JP)
October 10, 2001 (CA)
24 Episode 24.png "Sakura's Little Adventure"
"Sakura no Chiisa na Daibouken" (さくらの小さな大冒険)
October 6, 1998 (JP)
April 29, 2001 (CA)
25 7 Episode 25.gif.png "Sakura and One More Sakura"
"Sakura to Mō Hitori no Sakura" (さくらともう一人のさくら)
October 13, 1998 (JP)
August 19, 2000 (EN)
October 1, 2000 (CA)
26 8 Episode 26.png "Sakura and the Wonderful Teacher"
"Sakura to Suteki na Sensei" (さくらとすてきな先生)
October 20, 1998 (JP)
September 16, 2000 (EN)
October 8, 2000 (CA)
27 Episode 27.png "Sakura and the Shrine of Memories"
"Sakura to Omoide no Jinja" (さくらと思い出の神社)
October 27, 1998 (JP)
October 11, 2001 (CA)
28 14 Episode 28.png "Sakura and the Enchanted Cards"
"Sakura to Omajinai Kādo" (さくらとおまじないカード)
November 3, 1998 (JP)
November 4, 2000 (EN)
January 3, 2001 (CA)
29 Episode 29.png "Sakura's Sweet Cooking"
"Sakura no Amai Kukkingu" (さくらのあまーいクッキング)
November 10, 1998 (JP)
March 4, 2002 (CA)
30 9 Episode 30.png "Sakura and the Injured Card"
"Sakura to Kega wo Shita Kādo" (さくらとケガをしたカード)
November 17, 1998 (JP)
August 26, 2000 (EN)
October 15, 2000 (CA)
31 10 Naokodragon.JPG "Sakura and the Nameless Book"
"Sakura to Namae no nai Hon" (さくらと名前のない本)
November 24, 1998 (JP)
September 15, 2000 (EN)
November 1, 2000 (CA)
32 11 Episode 32.png "Sakura, Kero, and Syaoran"
"Sakura to Kero to Syaoran to" (さくらとケロと小狼と)
December 1, 1998 (JP)
September 23, 2000 (EN)
November 5, 2000 (CA)
33 12 Episode 33.png "Sakura's Freezing Ice Skating Experience"
"Sakura no Samui Aisusukēto" (さくらのさむーいアイススケート)
December 15, 1998 (JP)
September 30, 2000 (EN)
November 12, 2000 (CA)
34 Episode 34.png "Sakura, Yukito, and the Midday Moon"
"Sakura to Yukito to Hiru no Tsuki" (さくらと雪兎と昼の月)
December 22, 1998 (JP)
March 5, 2002 (CA)
35 13 Episode 35.png "Sakura's Wonderful Christmas"
"Sakura no Suteki na Kurisumasu" (さくらのすてきなクリスマス)
December 29, 1998 (JP)
October 14, 2000 (EN)
November 19, 2000 (CA)

Season Two (Episodes 36-46)

Ep. # Pic Episode Title Original Airdates
36 15 Episode 36.png "Sakura and the Snowy New School Term"
"Sakura to Yuki no Shingakki" (さくらと雪の新学期)
April 6, 1999 (JP)
November 11, 2000 (EN)
January 7, 2001 (CA)
37 Episode 37.png "Sakura and Tomoyo's Lost Voice"
"Sakura to Kieta Tomoyo no Koe" (さくらと消えた知世の声)
April 13, 1999 (JP)
March 8, 2002 (CA)
38 Episode 38.png "Sakura's Fun Strawberry Picking Adventure"
"Sakura no Tanoshii Ichigo Kari" (さくらの楽しいいちご狩り)
April 20, 1999 (JP)
May 6, 2001 (CA)
39 22 Episode 39.png "Sakura's Dizzy Fever Day"
"Sakura no Furafura Netsuyoubi" (さくらのふらふら熱曜日)
April 27, 1999 (JP)
June 30, 2001 (EN)
June 3, 2001 (CA)
40 Episode 40.png "Sakura and the Sakura from the Dream"
"Sakura to Yume no Naka no Sakura" (さくらと夢の中のさくら)
May 11, 1999 (JP)
March 14, 2002 (CA)
41 21
Episode 41.jpg "Sakura, Syaoran, and the Sea of Sand"
"Sakura to Syaoran to Suna no Umi" (さくらと小狼と砂の海)
May 18, 1999 (JP)
June 23, 2001 (EN)
May 13, 2001 (CA)
42 Episode 42 - The Light and Sakura.jpg "Sakura and the Blacked Out School Arts Festival"
"Sakura no Makkura Gakugeikai" (さくらのまっくら学芸会)
May 25, 1999 (JP)
May 20, 2001 (CA)
43 17 Episode 43.png "Sakura's Farewell to Meiling"
"Sakura no Sayonara Meirin" (さくらのさよなら苺鈴)
June 1, 1999 (JP)
December 2, 2000 (EN)
January 21, 2001 (CA)
44 18 Episode 44.png "Sakura, Kero, and the Mysterious Teacher"
"Sakura to Kero to Fushigi na Sensei" (さくらとケロと不思議な先生)
June 8, 1999 (JP)
July 21, 2001 (EN)
January 28, 2001 (CA)
45 19 Episode 45.png "Sakura and the Final Clow Card"
"Sakura to Saigo no Kurou Kaado" (さくらと最後のクロウカード)
June 15, 1999 (JP)
July 28, 2001 (EN)
February 4, 2001 (CA)
46 20 Episode 46.png "Sakura and the Final Judgment"
"Sakura to Saigo no Shinpan" (さくらと最後の審判)
June 22, 1999 (JP)
July 28, 2001 (EN)
February 11, 2001 (CA)

Season Three (Episodes 47-70)

Ep. # Pic Episode Title Original Airdates
47 24
Episode 47.png "Sakura and the Mysterious Transfer Student"
"Sakura to Fushigi na Tenkousei" (さくらと不思議な転校生)
September 7, 1999 (JP)
August 4, 2001 (EN)
March 15, 2002 (CA)
48 25
Episode 48.png "Sakura and the Awakened Star Key"
"Sakura to Mezameta Hoshi no Kagi" (さくらとめざめた星の鍵)
September 14, 1999 (JP)
August 4, 2001 (EN)
February 8, 2003 (CA)
49 Episode 49.png "Sakura and the Dangerous Piano"
"Sakura to Kiken na Piano" (さくらとキケンなピアノ)
September 21, 1999 (JP)
March 28, 2002 (CA)
50 27
Episode 50.png "Sakura, Syaoran, and the Invisible Threads"
"Sakura to Syaoran to Mienai Ito" (さくらと小狼とみえない糸)
September 28, 1999 (JP)
August 25, 2001 (EN)
February 8, 2003 (CA)
51 27
Episode 51.png "Sakura and the Big Teddy Bear"
"Sakura to Ooki na Nuigurumi" (さくらと大きなぬいぐるみ)
October 5, 1999 (JP)
August 25, 2001 (EN)
October 5, 2001 (CA)
52 28 Episode 52.png "Sakura's Sheep Warning!?"
"Sakura no Hitsuji Chuuihou?!" (さくらのひつじ注意報?!)
October 12, 1999 (JP)
September 1, 2001 (EN)
October 7, 2001 (CA)
53 26 Episode 53.png "Sakura and the Panicky Bicycle"
"Sakura to Panikku Jitensha" (さくらとパニック自転車)
October 19, 1999 (JP)
August 11, 2001 (EN)
September 23, 2001 (CA)
54 Sakura and the Calendar of Memories.jpg "Sakura and the Calendar of Memories"
"Sakura to Omoide no Karendaa" (さくらと思い出のカレンダー)
October 26, 1999 (JP)
February 15, 2003 (CA)
55 34 Episode 55.png "Sakura and Sakura from Wonderland"
"Sakura to Fushigi no Kuni no Sakura" (さくらと不思議の国のさくら)
November 2, 1999 (JP)
December 3, 2001 (EN)
March 6, 2002 (CA)
56 30 Episode 56.png "Sakura, Kero, and the Sweet Meeting"
"Sakura to Kero no Okashi na Deai??" (さくらとケロのお菓子な出会い??)
November 9, 1999 (JP)
September 22, 2001 (EN)
October 12, 2001 (CA)
57 32 Episode 57.png "Sakura, Syaoran, and the Elevator"
"Sakura to Syaoran to Erebeetaa" (さくらと小狼とエレベーター)
November 16, 1999 (JP)
October 8, 2001 (EN)
October 8, 2001 (CA)
58 29 Episode 58.png "Sakura and Double Trouble"
"Sakura to Futari no Dai Pinchi" (さくらと二人の大ピンチ)
November 30, 1999 (JP)
September 15, 2001 (EN)
October 9, 2001 (CA)
59 31 Episode 59.png "Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Ball Trap"
"Sakura to Tomoyo to Booru no Wana" (さくらと知世とボールの罠)
December 7, 1999 (JP)
September 22, 2001 (EN)
October 13, 2001 (CA)
60 33 Episode 60.png "Sakura and a Precious Friend"
"Sakura to Taisetsu na Otomodachi" (さくらと大切なお友達)
December 14, 1999 (JP)
October 15, 2001 (EN)
October 14, 2001 (CA)
61 Episode 61.png "Sakura, the Cards, and a Present"
"Sakura to Kaado to Purezento" (さくらとカードとプレゼント)
December 21, 1999 (JP)
February 15, 2003 (CA)
62 Episode 62.png "Sakura and the Mysterious Fortune"
"Sakura to Fushigi na Omikuji" (さくらと不思議なおみくじ)
January 4, 2000 (JP)
February 22, 2003 (CA)
63 Episode 63.png "Sakura, the Pool, and the Huge Wave"
"Sakura to Pūru to Ōki na Nami" (さくらとプールと大きな波)
January 11, 2000 (JP)
February 22, 2003 (CA)
64 36 Episode 64.png "Sakura and the Snowy Ski Class"
"Sakura to Fubuki no Sukii Kyoushitsu" (さくらと吹雪のスキー教室)
January 18, 2000 (JP)
December 11, 2001 (EN)
March 21, 2002 (CA)
65 35
Episode 65.png "Sakura, Yukito, and the Vanishing Power"
"Sakura to Yukito to Kieyuku Chikara" (さくらと雪兎と消えゆく力)
February 15, 2000 (JP)
December 10, 2001 (EN)
March 7, 2002 (CA)
66 35
Episode 66.png "Sakura's Most Favorite Person"
"Sakura no Ichiban Suki na Hito" (さくらの一番好きな人)
February 22, 2000 (JP)
December 10, 2001 (EN)
March 1, 2003 (CA)
67 36 Episode 67.png "Sakura, Syaoran, and the Tsukimine Shrine"
"Sakura to Syaoran to Tsukimine Jinja" (さくらと小狼と月峰神社)
February 29, 2000 (JP)
March 1, 2003 (CA)
68 37 Episode 68.png "Sakura, the Past, and Clow Reed"
"Sakura to Kako to Kurou Riido" (さくらと過去とクロウ•リード)
March 7, 2000 (JP)
December 12, 2001 (EN)
March 22, 2002 (CA)
69 38 Episode 69.png "Sakura Meets Clow Reed"
"Sakura to Arawareta Kurou Riido" (さくらと現れたクロウ•リード)
March 14, 2000 (JP)
December 13, 2001 (EN)
March 8, 2003 (CA)
70 39
Episode 70.png "Sakura and Her True Feelings"
"Sakura to Hontou no Omoi" (さくらと本当の想い)
March 21, 2000 (JP)
December 14, 2001 (EN)

Feature Films

No. DVD Cover Title Release date
1 Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie DVD cover.jpg "Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie"
"Gekijōban Kādokyaputā Sakura" (劇場版カードキャプターさくら)
August 21, 1999
2 CCS Japanese DVD Movie 2 Front.jpg "Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card"
"Gekijōban Kādokyaputā Sakura Fūin Sareta Kādo" (劇場版カードキャプターさくら 封印されたカード)
July 15, 2000


Type Cover Title Release date
End Slate
Leave it to kero-chan.png
Leave it to Kero-chan!
"Kero-chan niomakase!" (ケロちゃんにおまかせ!)
April 7, 1998
Tomoyo OVA 1 Front.jpg
You're Wonderful, Sakura-chan! Tomoyo's Cardcaptor Sakura Video Diary!
"Sutekidesu wa, Sakura-chan! Tomoyo no Kādokyaputā Sakura katsuyaku Bideo Nikki!" (すてきですわ、さくらちゃん! 知世のカードキャプターさくら活躍ビデオ日記!)
September 25, 1998
Tomoyo OVA 2 Front.jpg
You're Wonderful, Sakura-chan! Tomoyo's Cardcaptor Sakura Video Diary 2!
"Sutekidesu wa, Sakura-chan! Tomoyo no Kādokyaputā Sakura katsuyaku Bideo Nikki 2!" (すてきですわ、さくらちゃん! 知世のカードキャプターさくら活躍ビデオ日記 2!)
September 25, 1999
Tomoyo OVA 3 Front.jpg
You're Wonderful, Sakura-chan! Tomoyo's Cardcaptor Sakura Video Diary Special!
"Suteki desu wa, Sakura-chan! Tomoyo no Kādokyaputā Sakura Katsuyaku Bideo Nikki Supesharu!" (すてきですわ、さくらちゃん! 知世のカードキャプターさくら 活躍ビデオ日記 スペシャル!)
Movie 2 Bonus.jpg
Leave it to Kero-chan! Movie Edition
"Kero-chan niomakase!" (ケロちゃんにおまかせ!)
July 15th, 2000

Different Versions

Cardcaptor Sakura was initially licensed for English release in North America by Nelvana, which dubbed the series into English and released it under the name Cardcaptors. The series ran for 39 episodes, which were heavily edited and reordered.[8] The airing of the series in the United Kingdom in 2001 on the channels Nickelodeon and CITV, the episodes that had been skipped in the American broadcast were restored, but the other edits remained. The Cardcaptors dub also aired in the US on Kids' WB, in Australia on Cartoon Network, in Ireland on RTÉ Network 2, and in Canada on Teletoon (which also aired the episodes with a French dub). Pioneer Entertainment released the dubbed Cardcaptors episodes to nine VHS and DVD compilation volumes between November 2000 and July 2002.

Geneon also licensed the series for English release in North America, releasing the series to DVD unedited, with the original Japanese audio tracks and English subtitled. When Geneon Entertainment went out of business, the Cardcaptor Sakura DVDs went out-of-print.

All three seasons have been re-released on DVD by NIS America as of early August 2014. They are sold in three volumes containing four discs each and are unedited. Each disc contains both the original Japanese audio tracks with English subtitles and the Animax dub.

Animax created an English dub of the series as well, which it broadcast on its English-language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Differences between Cardcaptor Sakura and Cardcaptors

Main article: Cardcaptors

There were a number of differences between the original and the English dub, the main being the order of the episodes. Many episodes were switched around whilst others were erased out, the most noticeable being that the first episode was shown as a flashback rather than the beginning of the series. Many of the names were changed and the romantic relationships were edited out between the characters, causing episodes to have different plots compared to the original. Syaoran was edited to appear to have a bigger role and was given the title 'Cardcaptor' though he was not officially chosen by Cerberus. This was due to the company responsible for the dub wishing to market it to a young male audience, despite it being adapted from a manga targeted towards girls.

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