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Sakura Kinomoto (Known in the Greek dub as "Nicky".)

In 2002, Cardcaptor Sakura was dubbed in Greek, and aired on STAR Channel as: Οι περιπέτειες της Νίκι (Oi peripéteies tis Níki, "The Adventures of Nicky").

Only 35 episodes were dubbed, much to the disappointment of the viewers, as the show was quite successful.

The first episode aired on television on the 7th of April, 2002; whereas the last one aired on 29th December, 2002. The Greek dub was produced by the studio Audio Visual, and the scripts were based on the original Japanese. The actors were directed by Vasilis Kailas. Episodes were usually airing at 8:15am.

Voice Actors[]

The budget for the dub was low; only 6 voice actors could be hired to voice all of the characters. There were inconsistencies in voice acting, so some characters may have had more than one voice actor:

Character Name Changes Voice Actor/Actress
Sakura Kinomoto Nikki Kinomoto Katerina Girgis
Syaoran Li N/A Nestor Kopsidas
Meiling Li N/A Marianna Triantafyllidou
Cerberus (False Form) Juki

(True Form) Keroberos

Chrysoula Papadopoulou
Touya Kinomoto Justin Kinomoto Nestor Kopsidas
Fujitaka Kinomoto N/A Giorgos Xatzigeorgiou
Nadeshiko Kinomoto N/A Maria Zervou

Marianna Triantafyllidou

Tomoyo Daidouji Tiffany Daidouji Maria Zervou
Sonomi Daidouji N/A Marianna Triantafyllidou
Yukito Tsukishiro Mathew Tsukiyuki Giorgos Xatzigeorgiou
Kaho Mizuki N/A Marianna Triantafyllidou
Chiharu Mihara Chelsea Mihara Chrysoula Papadopoulou
Takashi Yamazaki N/A Giorgos Xatzigeorgiou
Naoko Yanagisawa Nicole Yanagisawa Marianna Triantafyllidou
Rika Sasaki N/A Maria Zervou

Marianna Triantafyllidou

Maki Matsumoto N/A Marianna Triantafyllidou
Yoshiyuki Terada N/A Nestor Kopsidas

Giorgos Xatzigeorgiou

Yuuki Tachibana N/A
Yoko Nakagawa N/A
Akane N/A Marianna Triantafyllidou
Masaki Amamiya N/A
Rei Tachibana N/A
Wang Wei N/A
Keiko Kurokawa N/A
Kouichi Kouno N/A
Katsuya Abe N/A
Mika Tsutsumi N/A
Toshinobu Yamamoto N/A


None of the openings and endings were dubbed in Greek. Although STAR Channel used an instrumental version of "Catch You Catch Me" to replace the original Japanese—a usual tactic of the channel. The songs within the episodes were kept in Japanese.

Only a song sung by Tomoyo was dubbed; when Tomoyo sang "Yoru no Uta", her Greek voice actress sang "la la la" along with the music in episode 5. When Sakura was trying to capture The Song card, Tomoyo's voice actress sang a Greek traditional song which is, by no means, related to the original Japanese song. In this scene, an echo effect was used to show that the card was singing along.

Translation Errors/Script Changes[]

Generally speaking, the dub was fairly good. However, there were some changes to avoid creating plot holes and sometimes there were some mistakes in translation. 

The first translation mistake was the name of the Fly Card. At first, it was translated as "Wings"—the closest translation—then it was changed to "Fly" but with the meaning of "to rush".

There were lots of versions for the release of Sakura's staff and the card-capturing phrase. Most of these versions were not exact translations, but they were about the same.

Touya's grade in school was not translated correctly as he is in the 2nd grade of Junior High School—according to the Greek dub, where he's only 13–14 years old.

Since Sakura's name was changed to Nicky, Sonomi telling Sakura that Nadeshiko wanted her daughter to be named after her favourite flower is changed to her telling Sakura that Nadeshiko wanted her daughter to be given the name "Nicky". Still, Sonomi mentions that cherry blossoms (Sakura) were Nadeshiko's favourite flowers.

As the dubbing stopped at episode 35, any references to Yue were changed to something else.


  • It is theorized among fans that the dubbing stopped due to the romantic relationship between Yukito and Touya in the later episodes.
  • Sakura's name is still seen written on her personal belongings, despite her name being changed.
  • In the first episode, Sakura's dream was shown in Japanese.
  • According to the Greek dub, Sakura is 12 years old and in the 6th grade—the last grade of elementary school in Greece.
  • The Clow Cards are called "Evil Cards" because of their troublesome powers.