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Cardcaptor Sakura Volume 1 (Japanese)
Author CLAMP
Illustrator CLAMP
Publication date First Release: November 22nd, 1996

Bilingual Release: May 12th, 2000 Hardcover Release: March 5th, 2004 60th Anniversary: March 27th, 2015

Published by Kodansha Comics
ISBN Paperback: ISBN 978-4-06-319743-3

Bilingual: ISBN 978-4-7700-2644-6 Hardcover: ISBN 978-4-06-364556-9 60th Anniversary: ISBN 978-4-06-377154-1

Publication Order
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Volume 2

The first Cardcaptor Sakura volume was published by Kodansha Comics in Japan on November 22nd, 1996. The volume contained 5 chapters; all illustrated by CLAMP.

A bilingual version was released in an experimental attempt to teach Japanese children English. The first 6 volumes had a bilingual version released; the last 6 did not.

The entire series was also released in hardcover; the first volume being released on March 5th, 2005 in Japan. North-America did not receive any part of the series in hardcover.

In spring of 2015, a special Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary edition of the series was released where the first volume contained 7 chapters instead of 5. The cover art was completely redone by CLAMP.


North-American/English Release[]

Cardcaptor Sakura Volume 1 (English)
Author CLAMP
Illustrator CLAMP
Publication date First Release: March 1st, 2000

Re-Release: July 6th, 2004
Omnibus: October 20th, 2010
60th Anniversary: June 18th, 2019

Published by Tokyo Pop
ISBN First Release: ISBN 978-1-892213-36-5

Re-Release: ISBN 978-1-59182-878-5 Omnibus: ISBN 978-1-59582-522-3
60th Anniversary: ISBN 978-1632367518

Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Volume 2

Cardcaptor Sakura was released in North-America by TOKYOPOP on March 1st, 2000. Madman Entertainment used the TOKYOPOP translation to publish the manga in Australia and New Zealand.

Originally, the first publication was printed as reading left-to-right, to accommodate western-readers. Later, when the manga was re-released on July 6th, 2004 the manga was printed in the original right-to-left reading style. The covers were also changed and considered "Collector's Edition". The first 6 volumes were released in special box sets, each containing 3 volumes; the last 6 volumes having the subtitle "Master of the Clow".

"Chapter Comics" were also released. The first two chapters were released under "Mixx Entertainment" who would later be known as "TOKYOPOP". TOKYOPOP released the chapter-comics under their sublabel, "Chix's Comixs".

Omnibus Edition[]

4 omnibus volumes were released by Dark Horse Comics on October 20th of 2010. Each volume contained 3 volumes of the Cardcaptor Sakura manga. The omnibus editions also used glossy, color pages for the chapter illustrations.

Chapter Comics[]

International Releases[]

The Cardcaptor Sakura manga was released in approximately 9 other languages; with the North-American translation going through the most re-distributions. Some countries also produced English translations i.e Singapore.

Country Language Publisher(s) Date
North-America English TOKYOPOP March 1st, 2000
Australia & New Zealand English Madman Ent. TBA
France French


French Catalan

Média Système Édition

Pika Edition

Pika Edition Glénat Editions SA

August 26th, 1999

January 1st, 2000

April 18, 2018

November 1st, 2007

Italy Italian



Star Comics

Star Comics

Ediciones Glénat

October 16th, 1999

September, 2011

November 1st, 2007

Germany German Egmont Manga & Anime September 1st, 2000
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) JBC



January 1st, 2012

Spain Spanish


Glenat Espana Ediciones Sl

Ediciones Glénat

January 1st, 2000

November 1st, 2007

Argentina Spanish Editorial Ivrea TBA
Mexico Spanish Editorial Toukan

Editorial Kamite

Indonesia Indonesian elex media komputindo May 3rd, 2017
Portugal Portuguese Editora JBC TBA
South Korea Korean Haksan Publishing (Daewon Media)

Mink Comics

March 31st, 1998
Singapore Simplified Chinese Chuang Yi Comics TBA

China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Releases[]

Within China, Taiwan and the city of Hong Kong several different releases and re-releases were published within each country. Many companies would translate the manga into a different dialect i.e Mandarin, Cantonese, or Taiwanese. Some companies even produced their own English translations. Countries like Singapore, translated the manga into simplified Chinese.

Upon some re-releases, some publishing houses had changed their name i.e "Comics World" publishing Cardcaptor Sakura in 1997 had changed their name to "Jonesky Limited" by the time they re-released the manga in 2005.

Country/Region Language Publisher Date
China Mandarin Jieli Publishing House January 1st, 2003
Hong Kong Traditional-Chinese



  • Comics World
  • Jonesky Limited
  • Tong Li
June 1st, 1997

October 20th, 2005

August 10th, 2017

Taiwan Taiwanese


  • Ever Glory Publishing
  • Tong Li Comics
April, 1997

August 10th, 2017

International Covers[]