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Cerberus's Clothes Episode 21
Cerberus's Clothes Episode 21
Used in: Episode 21
Card Captured: The Loop
Color(s): Pink
Episode 20
Episode 23

Kero wears this outfit to aid Sakura in capturing the Loop Card.

The headset and spyglass were made by Tomoyo's Mother's company: Daidouji Toy Co.

Tomoyo also wears a headset to communicate with Kero as the marathon takes place.

Design Description[]

The costume has two main pieces: the headset and the spyglass. The headset is pink with white padding on the inside. The headband holds onto the earpieces with yellow joints. Small wings protrude from the back of the earpieces. A thin microphone is angled in front of the mouth attached to the left side.

The spyglass is pink with yellow outlines (a ring at the lens, a ring at the extension piece, and a ring around the eye-piece) and a small rectangular loop which juts out near the extension piece. A blue ribbon is tied to the loop, and the other end is tied to a red belt. It is worn around Kero's waist. The belt is clasped together by a white buckle.