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Chapter 12 (Clear Card)
Clear Card Chapter 12
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Volume Volume 3
Pages 30
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Chapter 12 is the twelfth chapter of the manga Clear Card Arc, forming part of Volume 3.


Picking up from the previous chapter with the missing books, Sakura reaches out to touch the empty space but finds that the books are still there, but something is making them invisible. Sakura releases the dream staff, and secures the card Lucid. It's abilities include being able to make something transparent or invisible.


Sakura looks over to Tomoyo, who is filming her on her phone, and Tomoyo asks Sakura to do a pose with the card.

Akiho returns with the book, which has no title but is called Alice in Clockland. She tells Sakura that it is not related to the books Alice in Wonderland or Alice Through the Looking Glass, but it is still interesting. As Sakura compliments the clock illustrations on the cover, she realizes that she's seen the clock before but cannot remember where. She asks what the story is about and when they open the book, they find it's written in a different language and they can't read it. Akiho explains that she doesn't know what the language is, but was taught the language, so she can understand the content. Sakura says that she would love for Akiho to tell her the story, but they are interrupted by the phone ringing. Yuna offers them drinks, and so they leave the library, leaving Alice in Clockland on the table.

Sakura arrives home to find Touya making dinner. As she heads off to get changed, Touya watches her with worry. In her room, Sakura hugs the bear she made Syaoran, looking forward to their date. Outside her window the cloaked figure is watching her.

The chapter then skips to the next Sunday, and Sakura leaves early so she can get to their meeting spot early. When she gets there, she finds Syaoran is already waiting for her and apologizes for keeping him waiting, despite there still being twelve minutes until their meeting time. They go to Tomoeda Botanical Gardens, which Sakura has two tickets for that were given to her by her father. They sit down in the gardens to eat lunch, where they unpack the lunch Sakura made. Syaoran tries some of her cooking and tells her it's delicious, and as Sakura wishes for their moment to last forever, a sudden gust of wind descends upon them.


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