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Chapter 13 (Clear Card)
Clear Card Chapter 13
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Volume Volume 3
Pages 34
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Chapter 13 is the thirteenth chapter of the manga Clear Card Arc, forming part of Volume 3.


Syaoran states that the wind isn't ordinary, and Sakura says it's probably the work of another card. When she goes to secure the card, however, she is trapped within it. Syaoran uses one of his wind techniques, but as he expected, it didn't work. Instead he uses a different type of magic, however readers don't know what it is as it is covered.


Having been freed, Sakura secures the card Spiral. Unfortunately during the fiasco, the lunch Sakura made was knocked over, and during a phone call with Tomoyo later that evening she explains that they ended up having hamburgers instead.

After ending the call with Tomoyo, Sakura receives another phone call. Shortly after, Akiho arrives and has dinner with Sakura. While Sakura is cooking, she asks Akiho if there is anything she doesn't like. Akiho confesses that she doesn't like konjac jelly because of the texture, and Sakura reveals that she doesn't like it either.

During dinner, they discuss each other's families as Sakura mentions everyone in her family cooks. She asks Akiho if anyone in her family cooks, but Akiho says that her family are always busy, so it's often left up to those who care for her, like Yuna. Akiho asks Sakura if she can teach her how to cook, as she wants to make something for Yuna, the person she likes. Understanding her feelings, Sakura agrees to help her.

As Sakura moves to get Akiho some more beef stew, Akiho yawns and Sakura asks if she slept badly. Akiho says no, but suddenly falls asleep. Sakura spots a new card and rushes to capture it. It flies out of her window, and so Sakura uses the flight card to chase after the card and capture it.


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