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Chapter 15 (Clear Card)
Clear Card Chapter 15
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Volume Volume 4
Pages 27
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Chapter 15 is the 15th chapter of the manga Clear Card Arc, forming part of Volume 4.


Yukito changes into Yue while Sakura observes the strange landscape before her. She notes that there is no strange aura, yet Yue asks her if she senses anything, to which she replies that the presence of a new card is surrounding them. Yue shoots an arrow to test how far the space goes, only to discover the arrow coming up behind them and shields Sakura.


While Yue and Kero discuss how they'll get out, Sakura seems to sense what path to take in order to escape, which surprises her two guardians. They follow her until they reach a door, where Sakura secures the card Labyrinth. Kero asks her how she knew the way, and once again she says that something felt “off”.

On her way home after the capture of the card, Sakura bumps into Syaoran who mentions that he had finished his task early. Sakura is in the middle of inviting Syaoran over to have dinner when they meet Yuna, who Syaoran is wary of. As Yuna leaves them, Syaoran apologizes and says he has something he needs to take care of at home.

Syaoran calls Eriol to discuss his encounter with Yuna, who has tremendous innate magical ability. Syaoran asks if Eriol knows Yuna D. Kaito, and while Eriol doesn't know him personally, he explains that the title “D” is bestowed upon the highest ranking magician's in the United Kingdom's Magic Society, but not all the rumors about the society are good ones.

Syaoran wonders why he would reveal his title in such a way, and Eriol says that he might be so powerful that it wouldn't matter. Syaoran mentions that Sakura hasn't seemed to notice that Yuna has vast magical ability and that he hasn't told her yet either, and they deduce that Yuna likely has moon-related magic as well. They discuss Akiho and her lack of magic power, and Eriol mentions that his old house is a good location for safeguarding ancient artifacts or relics possessing supremely powerful magic.


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