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Chapter 17 (Clear Card)
Clear Card Chapter 17
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Volume Volume 4
Pages 24
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Chapter 17 is the 17th chapter of the manga Clear Card Arc, forming part of Volume 4.


Following on from the previous chapter, during their home economics class, Sakura explains to Akiho and Tomoyo that she met up with Rika that morning to get a pop-up picture book of Alice in Wonderland. She tells Akiho that she would like to look at it together with her during lunch.


They are distracted when they hear shouts in their classroom, finding that their cakes and their decorations have come to life. Sakura hides herself so she can use the Snooze card to put everyone to sleep, and joins Tomoyo who asks if it might be another card. They both comment on how cute the cakes are, and Sakura mentions that they don't seem to be causing any trouble.

However, once she says that, the cakes start chasing her and Tomoyo out of the classroom. Kero meets them outside, explaining that everyone is asleep, but is shocked by the cakes chasing the girls. Sakura uses Flight, discovering that the cakes can fly as well as they chase her, and uses Spiral to encase them before securing the card, Appear.

Syaoran rushes out and asks Sakura if she's alright, and she explains that she caught another card. He apologizes that he couldn't help, but Sakura tells him not to worry about it.

That night, Akiho explains to Yuna about how all of the decorations on their cakes disappeared, and how they ended up being short on ingredients. She gives him the roll cakes they made in their class, and explains that one of them is for him. He tells her they're cute, and asks if the clock on the cake is meant to be his pocket watch. Akiho mentions that after the ingredients disappeared, Sakura seemed very apologetic, causing Yuna to burst out laughing. While Akiho is surprised at first, she asks him to laugh again sometime, and he reminds her about the book Sakura gave her earlier that day.

While Akiho rushes off to get the book, Momo mentions that even with his “D” powers, he can't stop time for the book, and he explains that it's for that reason that new cards are needed.


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