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Chapter 20 (Clear Card)
Clear Card Arc Chapter 20
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Volume Volume 5
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Chapter 20 is the 20th chapter of the new manga series, Clear Card Arc, forming part of Volume 5.


At school, Sakura is sitting with her friends who are talking about the play Naoko is writing, though she's facing a bit of writer's block. Sakura is spaced out, thinking about why she was able to see the ghost/spirit of her late mother.


Akiho arrives with her lunch and sits down with everyone, and Sakura asks her if she's ever lonely being separated from her family. Akiho confesses that sometimes she is, but she has Yuna with her. Sakura and the girl's offer Akiho compassion and their support should she find herself feeling down.

On her way home, Sakura receives a text from Syaoran letting her know that he's free on Sunday, much to her delight.

While Sakura is making lunch for herself and Syaoran, she receives a phone call from Sonomi who informs her that her Great Grandfather wants to see her to give her something important. The invitation is extended to Syaoran as well.

Upon arriving to meet her maternal great-grandfather, Sakura introduces Syaoran to him and they have lunch together.

Meanwhile, at Yukito's, Kero and Yukito discuss that Touya is working as a monster for the Super Sentai series in order to take care of his tuition and to help Sakura with anything she may want as well as continue her education. Yukito changes to Yue, and they have realized that Eriol hasn't been replying to their messages on purpose.


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  • No cards were featured in this chapter.

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