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Chapter 2 (Clear Card)
Clear Card Chapter 2
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Volume Volume 1
Pages 34
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Chapter 2 is the second chapter of the manga Clear Card Arc, forming part of Volume 1.


After her disturbing dream from the night before, Sakura visits Yukito in the morning on her way to school looking quite worried about something. Kero pops out of Sakura's bag claiming it's an emergency, and Yukito lets them inside.


Yukito changes to Yue, and after sitting down at the table, Sakura reveals what had her shocked at the end of Chapter One. All of the Sakura cards have turned transparent, and neither Sakura nor Yue can sense any power from them. After Sakura releases the Star key, they come to the conclusion that she hasn't lost any of her magical power. Sakura explains to Yue about her dream of the cards shattering and the figure, and decides to ask Syaoran his opinion on the matter.

Syaoran says he doesn't know what happened, but states clearly that there is no way that the figure in Sakura's dream isn't involved. He appears quite concerned for Sakura, however the tense air is broken by Tomoyo celebrating that she will be able to create new outfits for Sakura to wear. Sakura apologizes to Syaoran for having worried him, and heads off to class leaving him with Tomoyo. The pair discuss that Sakura will be ok because of the many friends she has to support her, most importantly Syaoran. As the girls head off to class, he watches after Sakura with a mixture of knowing and worry.

In class, Sakura and Tomoyo greet Chiharu who mentions she made some snacks. She then expresses concern for Syaoran as he is in the same class as Yamazaki and Naoko, both of whom are very well adept at creating and making up stories.

Later that night, Sakura checks her phone hoping to have received a reply from Eriol about the matter of the Sakura cards, but is disappointed to find nothing. Kero comforts her by telling her about the time zones being different, and perhaps to wait a little longer.

Sakura finds herself in another dream with the hooded figure, who is once again surrounded by shards. Light envelops Sakura, and the shards come together forming a brand new key. She wakes and finds the key from her dream in her hand, which shines brightly and casts light towards her window. Wind forces her window open to reveal a very large dragon-like creature.


Featured Cards[]

  • No cards were featured in this chapter.