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Chapter 59 (Clear Card)
Clear Card Arc Chapter 59
Chapter Info
Volume Volume 12
Release date December 26, 2021
Chapter 58
Chapter 60

Chapter 59 is the 59th chapter of the manga Clear Card Arc, forming part of Volume 12.


Naoko is still making progress in writing her play and asks Syaoran to play the role of the cat. Despite reluctant at first, he finally accepts. As for Sakura and Akiho, they are already trying out the costumes made by Tomoyo. Sakura and Akiho are going to perform the two lead roles in the play that will be performed for Tomoeda Middle School's cultural exchange. But what exactly is "The two Alices", the play written by Naoko, about? For others part, Kero and Suppi are studying the mysteries of the book "Alice in Clockland", when suddenly Momo, the guardian of the book, arrives.



Featured Cards[]

  • No cards were featured in this chapter.


  • Cerberus and Spinel Sun mentioned about the connection between Eriol and Fujitaka's reincarnation again in this chapter. The first was in Chapter 26 (Clear Card).
  • Momo introduces herself to Cerberus and Spinel Sun, who, like Keroberos and Yue who guard the Sakura Book, is Guardian of the Alice in Clockland spellbook.