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Chapter 7
Nakayoshi December 1996
Chapter Info
Volume Volume 2
Pages 31
Release date December, 1996
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Chapter 7 is the seventh chapter of the manga Cardcaptor Sakura, forming the second chapter of Volume 2.


Sonomi and Fujitaka run on well ahead of the competition as the petals continue to fall heavily across the race track. As the petals cover the ground and pile high up Sonomi beings to swim her way ahead.

Sakura uses Fly to get a better view of the situation. She calls Kero (using Tomoyo’s cell phone) for advice. She locates the sources of the phenomenon on the roof of the school and spots an unusual woman wearing a long dress dancing. Sakura is momentarily awed, before calling to the card. The card only responds with a gentle smile and sweeps Sakura up in to a dance. While dancing, Sakura is able to seal it. The card is then revealed to be the Flower card.

Meanwhile, Fujitaka has won the race. Sonomi is angry and goes to talk to him behind the school. Sakura and Tomoyo go to see, and hear the whole story. They see that the situation is bad, and at the gentle urging of Tomoyo, Sakura uses the Flower to help smooth things out.

Flower uses its powers creating Nadeshiko flowers: this brings memories of Nadeshiko. Sonomi begins to break down and cry. Fujitaka comforts her, but Sonomi quickly recovers and scolds him anyway.

Sakura and Tomoyo walk away, happy. Tomoyo says her mother had a cousin named Nadeshiko that she greatly admired and wanted her to have long hair like. Tomoyo then says she loves Sakura and Sakura replies she feels the same, although Tomoyo bemusedly reflects that Sakura doesn’t quite love her in the same way that she does. They then join Touya and Yukito with the cleaning up unaware they are being watched.

A young boy wearing a particular strange costume is standing atop a building, watching them through binoculars. “I found it,” he says, putting the binoculars away and taking out a board covered with Chinese symbols, “I sense the Clow Cards."


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