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Chapter 72 (Clear Card)
Clear Card Chapter 72
Chapter Info
Volume Volume 14
Release date April 1st, 2023
Chapter 71
Chapter 73

Chapter 72 is the 72nd chapter of the manga Clear Card Arc.


Lilie, Akiho’s mother, traveled through time to talk to Sakura in a dream. She wants to warn Sakura that Kaito rewrote part of her memories, so the situation can be restored.



Featured Cards[]

  • No cards were featured in this chapter.


  • Lilie reveals herself to the true identity of the squid robed all along, Lilie explained she tried to communicate with Sakura, the key in Sakura's dream is taken away. Thus, Lilie accidentally appeared in Sakura's dream, trying to reach Sakura, but she is entangled in the scene where Sakura dreamed that her key was taken.
  • Similar to Sakura's dragon dream, Lilie reappears in Sakura's dream and gets caught up in the mess. Also, the scene where Sakura dreams of Kaito disguised as a cat to replace Syaoran, but due to Lilie's reappearance, it accidentally mislead with the squid robed having a Syaoran's face.