Clear Card Arc Chapter 19
Clear Card Chapter 19
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Volume Volume 4
Pages 26
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Chapter 19 is the 19th chapter of the manga Clear Card Arc, forming part of Volume 4.


Confronted by the fire bird, Sakura tries to use Aqua against it, but unfortunately if fails. Syaoran tells her to use the Flight card to get close to it as he has a plan, and he removes what appears to be some kind of card. The spell works and Sakura secures the new card, Blaze. Sakura praises Syaoran for his magic, but he appears slightly guilty as he hides the card behind his back. Sakura notices his expression, but says nothing. Instead, she thinks about how the Fly card and Blaze look similar, as they both took forms of a bird.

Upon returning home, Sakura expresses relief that her brother didn't find out, and Kero mentions that he thinks Touya already knows everything. After she gets into bed, outside her window the cloaked figure is standing on top of a telephone pole, watching Sakura.

Akiho greets Yuna the next morning and tells him she had another dream, mentioning that she's standing somewhere up high, watching someone but she doesn't know who. She says that in her dream the person she's watching has something she wants. Akiho states that the dream advances “like a story book does” and she wonders if she'll find out who it is she's watching.

Sakura wakes to find that she's overslept and rushes to get ready for school, wanting to wear the accessory Yukito had bought her. Downstairs she finds her father is home, and when she goes over to her mothers’ photograph to greet her, she sees her mothers’ ghost beside her, surprising her.


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