Clear Card Arc Chapter 6
CC Chapter 6
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Volume Volume 2
Pages 27
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Chapter 6 is the sixth chapter of the manga Clear Card Arc, forming part of Volume 2.


Everyone is eating their lunch outside beneath the trees, and the group are talking about the clubs they have joined. Chiharu joins the cheerleading club with Sakura, and Naoko chose to join the drama club as middle school students are able to write their own plays. Yamazaki says he decided to join the Lacrosse club, but Syaoran states he doesn't intend on joining any clubs due to the amount of work he still needs to take care of.

Sakura and Chiharu do a small performance during cheerleading practice to show what they've learned from Tomoeda Elementary School. They're teacher tells the group that their uniforms will be handed out at the next practice class, and dismisses them.

While Sakura walks with Chiharu, her shoelace comes untied and she stays behind to retie it, but when she stands up there is no one around her and it's very quiet. She wonders if its the work of a card, and pulls out her glowing dream key and releases it. When nothing happens, she uses Gale, and the attack is reflected back at her. She dodges, and after using the gale spell a few more times she determines the card is moving. Sakura realises she can't capture the new card with the amount of power Gale uses, and so she decides to use a card with a wider range of magic. She uses Aqua, and while the card is distracted, she secures the card Reflect.

Unfortunately, the excess water from Aqua falls and Sakura, drenching her. Syaoran rushes over and places his jacket around her shoulders, telling her to go get changed before she catches a cold.

When she gets home, Sakura puts her wet gym clothes in the washer and intends to take a bath. As she's about to leave her room, Sakura is pulled into another dream with the cloaked figure.


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