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Cloak Figure
Cloak Figure in Sakura's dream
Series Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
Relatives Akiho Shinomoto, Lilie Shinomoto (deceased)
Likes *Entering Sakura's dream
Powers/Abilities Unconscious control magic stole the Dream key from Sakura
First Appearance (Manga)
Chapter 1
Last Appearance (Manga)
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First Appearance (Anime)
"Episode 1" (premonitory dream)
Last Appearance (Anime)
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The Cloak Figure is the "Mysterious Cloak Man" appeared in Sakura's dream could refer to Akiho Shinomoto or Lilie Shinomoto.


A person wearing the robe of the European Clan, a white cloak with blue hood, 8 yellow 6 pointed-stars around the cloak and 8 long white tentacles looking like a squid.


Sakura briefly learns the identity of the mysterious cloaked figure that has been appearing in her prophetic dreams to be none other than her new good friend Akiho. This is a contradict from the manga, where the cloaked figure was Syaoran.[1]

Lilie reveals herself to the true identity of the squid robed all along, Lilie explained she tried to communicate with Sakura, the key in Sakura's dream is taken away. Thus, Lilie accidentally appeared in Sakura's dream, trying to reach Sakura, but she is entangled in the scene where Sakura dreamed that her key was taken.[2]

Similar to Sakura's dragon dream, Lilie reappears in Sakura's dream and gets caught up in the mess. Also, the scene where Sakura dreams of Kaito disguised as a cat to replace Syaoran, but due to Lilie's reappearance, it accidentally mislead with the squid robed having a Syaoran's face.[2]

Magical Abilities and Powers[]



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