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Crystal Feather Dress
Crystal Feather Dress
Used in: Opening 1 (CCA)
Motif: Feathers


Color(s): White
Final Battle Costume
Pink Ribbon Dress

Crystal Feather Dress is the costume worn by Sakura Kinomoto that appeared in the opening CLEAR of the Clear Card Arc anime. It is also Sakura's battle costume.

Clear Card Costume Concept Art Op

Design Description[]

"A battle costume that Sakura wore during the opening sequence. Its glitter and shine makes it a great dress. Along with the crown atop of her head, it's a princess-like elegant look♪"
Official description
white tutu dress with feathers and crystals as its main motifs. The chest and sleeves use a sheer white material, with the neck opening and sleeves opening up like flower petals. A crystal cluster sits at the chest, with smaller crystals lined along the front and the back of the sheer material. The corset is lined with gold mirror fabric, the top lining decorated with three small crystal clusters. Flaps of white triangular fabric lined with gold mirror fabric extend from beneath the corset, with the ends of the triangles and the waist-center decorated by a small crystal cluster that comes with a crystal hanging from it. A large crystal cluster with crystals hanging from the end sits on the backside of where the corset and the triangular fabrics meet. The tutu skirt is designed to resemble feathers, with two extra layers of feather-like fabric at the back to enlarge the form and create a trail. The heels have its toe, heel and base colored gold, with a crystal cluster sitting at the toe and the back side of the heel. Accessories include a crystal crown, white gloves with a petal opening and crystals that go around the legs.