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Kanji: 夢見
Katakana: ドリーミング
Romaji: Yumemi
Resemblance: Young Lilie and Akiho
Counterpart: The Dream
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 46

Dreaming (Kanji: 夢見, Katakana: ドリーミング, Romaji: Yumemi) is one of the Clear Cards which Sakura secured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards.


Dreaming is supposed to resemble "The Mysterious Cloak Man" that Sakura sees in her dreams. It shows a person wearing the robe of the European Clan, a white cloak with blue hood, 8 yellow 6 pointed-stars around the cloak and 8 long white tentacles looking like a squid.


In Chapter 46, Dreaming materializes when Sakura shows Syaoran a reproduction of her dreams with the Record card. When Sakura becomes upset at seeing Syaoran under the figure's robe in her dreams, the playback is interrupted and she then secures this card. Sakura is relieved that the card's appearance means that what she saw was only a dream, but Syaoran explains that dreams can be precognitive.

In Chapter 62, when Kero and Spinel comments how all the cards who have human forms look like Sakura's acquaintances, the girl wonders if the Dreaming card is Akiho.

In Chapter 69, Dreaming appears in the world of Alice in Clockland when Sakura was wondering if everything she is seeing is real or just a dream. Her wish leads the card to create a dream in wich Sakura uses Break to escape from the book along Akiho. However, Akiho seems to have gotten stuck in the book, leading Sakura to wish she had taken her place in the play. The dream is undone when Sakura ends up creating the Exchange card.

Magical Abilities[]

  • Dream Magic: In a similar way to The Dream card, Dreaming is able to show others a dream reflecting their wishes.