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England Magic Society
Eng Society
Series Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
Also Known As That Magic Association
The Association
Affiliates European Clan
Residence England
Powers/Abilities High-levels of various magics and spells
First Appearance (Manga)
Chapter 26
Last Appearance (Manga)
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First Appearance (Anime)
"Sakura and the Upside-Down Penguin"
(flashback; cameo)
Last Appearance (Anime)
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England Magic Society (referred to as "The Association" in the anime; "The Society" in the manga) is a secret society located in England. It consists of the remaining known magicians but its activities and inner functioning is almost never revealed outside the association.

One of its topmost magicians, Yuna D. Kaito, was ultimately expelled one year prior to the story's begging for stealing an ancient relic that happens to be forbidden.


The England Magic Society originates in England and operates as a secret society with top ranking magicians from all over the world, but it’s number in members is low due to very few magicians with powerful magic remaining. They seem to collect and preserve sacred relics as their way of increasing their position and influence. Kaito has been a member since his childhood, soon becoming the most powerful of them all.[1]

The society maintained a mutually beneficial alliance with a European Clan of magicians, although Kaito claims that they were destined to betray each other since they only care about having the greatest influence and power.[2]

During Akiho’s childhood, her European Clan and the association decided to turn her into a magical tool. It was decided that it was best to let her travel the world and read herself the magical books that will be recorded on her. Kaito offered himself to be the guardian of the girl and accompany her on her trips.[3]

Kaito eventually betrays the association and takes Akiho to Tomoeda hoping to find a way to use the relic he stole from the association to free the girl.[3]

All it’s activities are kept ambiguous from outsiders; Syaoran as never heard of the association until Eriol mentions it to him regarding the title D in Yuna D. Kaito’s name. Eriol even has difficulty contacting the association regarding Kaito’s past due to the association fearing his power and the fact he has stolen an ancient relic that is taboo.[4]

When Kaito finally achieves his goal of becoming the magical container in Akiho's place, it is revealed that the Seal of D. that the clan and the association had placed on him to prevent him from misusing the power within Akiho had activated, sealing Kaito in a time prison behind a false moon.[5]

When Sakura decides that the world rewritten must return to the way it was, she decides that the best way to help Kaito and Akiho is to erase the clan and the association's memories of them. Thus, using the book they had created themselves, Sakura creates the Blank card, which erases the association's memories of Akiho and Kaito.[6]


Its various levels of power are unknown except its topmost magicians, sorcerers and sorceress whose innate magical ability is so strong they have been given the rank of D.

Members possess a powerful technique known as the Seal of D., which binds those with the title and is activated if they commit an specific act against the wishes of the society, sealing them in a prison outside of time, from which It's supposed to be impossible to get out.

Known Members[]

Quotes in the Anime[]

  • "You can never return."

The Magic Society in Clear Card Arc (anime)[]

  • "Here in England, there's a magic association that grants it highest ranked magic users the title of D."
  • "I never heard of it."
  • "Your mother probably hadn't taught you about them yet. Some rumors concerning them aren't good."
  • "So he's from this association?"
  • "What about that magic association?"
  • "I reached out them. Their response was rather ambiguous, though I did learn one thing."
  • "This Yuna D. Kaito was excommunicated last year."
  • "From the association!? All you need is very strong magic, and follow some basic rules and you're good. Other than that, you can pretty much do whatever the heck you feel like. What'd he do to get excommunicated?"
  • "He was excommunicated because he lost a powerful relic that was never supposed to removed from the association."
  • "That's what they wrote in the records. However, the rumors suggest that he simply took the item and left."
  • "Would they even allow something like that?"
  • "No, obviously not. However, their hands are tied. Their stuck."
  • "The association was hiding that relic, which means it was probably taboo. They're sacred of his power and the relic. That's why there's nothing they can because of his strength."
  • "Then I can use the relic I took from the association and activate that magic spell."


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