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Episode 15 Battle Costume
Episode 15 Battle Costume
Fan Name: Witch Costume
Used in: Episode 15
Card Captured: The Storm
Motif: Witch
Color(s): Blue
Episode 12 Battle Costume
Pink Yukata

This costume is worn by Sakura when capturing The Storm Card. It was made by Tomoyo with the image of a witch in mind. The fabric is flowing which allows for easy movement to capture the card. Storm Witch Costume Settei

Design Description[]

A black, turtleneck vest with a pair of waist-high, midnight blue shorts with black buttons and black lining. A pair of midnight blue stockings and black shoes are worn with the ensemble, as well as a midnight blue swallowtail cape, its hood and inner side in red, the borders lined in gold. Accessories include a necklace with a golden wing pendant, a pair of black gloves, as well as a midnight blue hat with red inner lining designed in the image of a witch's hat.

In the manga, the stocking and shoes have their colors switched, although the shoe's soles remain black, and the short linings are yellow. The inside of the shorts are also shown to be red.