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Episode 36 Battle Costume
Episode 36 Battle Costume
Fan Name: Red Bunny Costume
Used in: Episode 36
Card Captured: The Snow
Motif: Rabbit
Color(s): Red
Opening Costume 2
Prince Costume

This costume is based on a rabbit. This costume appears in Episode 36 when Sakura has to capture the Snow card, and it is made by Tomoyo. This costume is both cute, stylish and is very easy to move around in. Red Snow Rabbit Costume Settei

Design Description[]

The coat consists of 2 main colors, which are red and yellow. It has long sleeves, designed to keep Sakura warm. On the front of the coat is a zip and at the top of the zip is a little ball of wool, which is supposed to resemble a bunny's tail. At the back of the coat, is another ball of wool just above Sakura's waist and this resembles a rabbit's tail. The hood of this costume features 2 bunny ears attached to the hood. The inside of the bunny ears are made out of a yellow fabric whereas the rest of the hood is made out of the red fabric of the coat. Also, Sakura is wearing a pair of yellow gloves.

Just under the coat is a yellow shirt and skirt, which is made out of a light yellow fabric. The skirt is based on the same design as the pink costume, which Sakura used to fight against the Fight card. The skirt is puffed out and is very short. After the skirt is a pair of long cream tight. The costume is finished with a pair of red boots with a ball of wool on the front of the boot.