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Episode 8 Battle Costume
Episode 8 Battle Costume
Cardcaptors Name: Pink Kitty Costume
Fan Name: Pink Kitty Costume
Used in: Episode 8
Chapter 10
Card Captured: The Thunder
Motif: Cat
Color(s): Pink
Episode 7 Battle Costume
Episode 12 Battle Costume

This costume is worn by Sakura when she captured The Thunder Card. It was made by Tomoyo. The material is made out of rubber to prevent electrocution. Pink Kitty Costume Settei

Design Description[]

A pink apron-style dress with a frilly skirt of great volume, matching the frilly sleeves that has a large volume as well. A large bow with a bell in the image of a cat's bell at the end of the ribbon's tail is featured at the back of the dress. Beneath the top layer is a black, as well as white petty coat for volume. A long-sleeve turtleneck with a frill opening, along with a bell attached, is worn beneath the pink skirt. A pair of black stockings with a pair of pink and black ankle boots are worn with this ensemble. Accessories include a pair of black cat ears with pink inner lining, as well as a black cat tail extending from under the skirts.

In the manga, the pink-colored items are instead white, and the apron is lined with smaller bells as well as 2 yellow lines running down the front.



  • This costume, as well as three other outfits, have made a brief appearance in the form of a sketch in Episode 2 of the Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc.