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Eriol's Staff
Eriol's Staff
Japanese: エリオルの杖
Romaji: Erioru no Tsue
User(s): Eriol Hiiragizawa

Clow Reed

Eriol's Staff is the exact same staff wielded by top magician Clow Reed. The staff is hidden away as a small gold key with a round sun as the head.


A long, golden staff with an asymmetrical sun at the the top.The beams of the sun are triangular and become longer on the bottom left side.

Due to magical interference from Kaito, it has now cracked.


The staff requires incantations to turn from key to it's true form. Some forms of magic do not require vocal commands, however.

Incantations and Spells[]


"Key that conceals the powers of darkness

Reveal your true nature to me

By my power I command you



"I call upon the power of the day and the night

Sun and darkness unleash your might


Magical Abilities and Properties[]

  • Ability/Power Augmentation: He can temporarily enhance the attack strength of Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun's abilities, creating a bright red glow around the effected.
  • Dark/Shadow Magic: He can cast an entire city into shadow at will. It was effectively neutralized by the Light card.
  • Fire Generation: He can generate multiple bursts of red flames from it. He demonstrated this to try and get Sakura to convert the remaining eight Clow Cards into her own Sakura Cards. It is the same type of flame magic wielded by Spinel Sun.
  • Lunar & Solar Magic: He can manipulate and generate pure energy from the sun and moon themselves.
  • Solar & Lunar Teleportation: He can teleport himself over large distances via the sun's light.