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European Clan
Eu Clan
Series Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
Also Known As The greatest magicians in all of Europe
Affiliates England Magic Society
Residence Europe
Powers/Abilities High-levels of various magics and spells
First Appearance (Manga)
Chapter 25
Last Appearance (Manga)
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First Appearance (Anime)
Last Appearance (Anime)
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The European Clan is an ancient clan of magicians. It has a bitter rivalry with the Li Clan.

Being completely prideful, self-centered and confident of each of their own magical strength and abilities, they self-appointed themselves as "the greatest magicians in all of Europe."


The European Clan have existed for a long time, all of its members being powerful mages whose ultimate goal is to bring all the magic in the world under their control. The clan maintained a mutually beneficial alliance with an English Magic Society of magicians, although Yuna D. Kaito claims that they were destined to betray each other since they only care about having the greatest influence and power.[1]

The clan has had a long term rivalry with the Li Clan due to the clan being direct descendants of Clow Reed. This is shown when it was revealed the daughter (Akiho) of Lilie Shinomoto and her father, the two strongest magicians of the clan was born with any magical talents, but the only son (Syaoran) of Yelan Li, the head of the Li Clan was a natural born powerful magician, the association was both offended and embarrassed.[2]

During Akiho’s childhood, her clan and the association decided to turn her into a magical tool. It was decided that it was best to let her travel the world and read herself the magical books that will be recorded on her. Kaito offered himself to be the guardian of the girl and accompany her on her trips.[3]

As Kaito took Akiho to Tomoeda against the wishes of the clan and the association, they regularly attacked him with magic arrows from a distance. However, Kaito always dealt with it by using his Clock staff to stop the time to protect Akiho.[4]

When Kaito finally achieves his goal of becoming the magical container in Akiho's place, it is revealed that the Seal of D. that the clan and the association had placed on him to prevent him from misusing the power within Akiho had activated, sealing Kaito in a time prison behind a false moon.[5]

When Sakura decides that the world rewritten by Alice in Clockland must return to the way it was, she decides that the best way to help Kaito and Akiho is to erase the clan and the association's memories of them. Thus, using the book they had created themselves, Sakura creates the Blank card, which erases the clan's memories of Akiho and Kaito.[6]


The clan has several members and they all have some special magical ability, be it finding things, talking to animals, flying, transporting or lighting fires. Akiho's late parents were one of the society's strongest magicians before their deaths.

Some rumors concerning their actions are quite sinister. They seem to care about their own reputation in the world of magic and mysticism, as they wish to exceed even that of the Li family's level of power.

Known Members[]

Quotes in the Manga[]

  • Magician 1:  "The eldest daughters of the Li Clan, in Hong Kong, don’t possess any magical talents, but I’ve heard that the youngest son possesses tremendous ability."
  • Magician 2:  "How is that possible?"
  • Magician 3:  "What does it mean?"
  • Magician 1:  "It seems the current head of the Li Clan intends to have her youngest son as their successor."
  • Magician 4: "Such is Clow Reed’s family lineage"
  • Magician 5:  "To fall behind to the Li Clan is…"
  • Magician 3: "Unthinkable!Unforgivable!"
  • Magician 2:  "Our clan’s very pride is on the line."


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