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Kanji: 交換
Katakana: エクスチェンジ
Romaji: Kōkan
Symbolism: Cosmos flower and Sakura Cherry Blossom
Resemblance: Akiho and Sakura
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 69

Exchange (Kanji: 交換, Katakana: エクスチェンジ, Romaji: Kōkan) is one of the Clear Cards which Sakura secured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards.


The card shows two crystallized flowers, one is Sakura flower (Cherry Blossom) [1] represents Sakura, and the other flower is Cosmos flower [2] represents Akiho.



The card is created in Chapter 69 when Sakura despairs at the thought that Akiho would be trapped in the world of Alice in Clockland forever, wishing she had "taken her place" in the play.

As the card takes form, Kaito marvels at the card he has been waiting finally appears, Momo's (true form) as the narrator of the play Alice in Clockland, stating that the card is not born of one girl but of two girls, their memories and stories recorded.

Examine Use[]

Is shown in Chapter 70 how Sakura's wish of being the Red Queen instead of Akiho comes true, the two back in the play with their roles being exchanged. Seeing in the distance, Momo reveal Kaito use that card not only swapped the roles of the play, but also swapped Kaito's magic watch with the book inside Akiho. Thus, Akiho is now the owner of a tool that she cannot use due to the lack of her own magic and Kaito is the new vessel of all the spells that were in Akiho.

Magical Abilities[]

Exchange Magic: The card has the power to exchange things between two individuals, even magical powers. This includes physical possessions like magical tools or conceptual possessions like roles in a play.




  1. Sakura's favorite flower illustrated in Chapter 61 (Clear Card) cover
  2. Akiho's favorite flower illustrated in Chapter 61 (Clear Card) cover