Flame Harem Costume
Flame Harem Costume
Used in Episode 18
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The Flame Harem Costume is a costume worn by Sakura Kinomoto. The costume was created by Tomoyo Daidouji and was seen in the eighteenth episode.

Design Description

A v-collar red tube top, the opening at the top and the waist extended to resemble fire, worn with a brown belt bordered with sand orange, the extended straps ending with a sand-colored jewel. A white no-sleeve turtleneck is worn underneath the tube top, with a diamond-shaped red jewel placed at the collarbone area of the turtleneck. White harem pants with a sand orange border that resembles flames is worn with this ensemble, along with a pair of red slip-ons with a matching sand-colored jewel. accessories include a pair of sand-colored hoop bracelets, as well as a red fire accessory pinned with a matching jewel.





  • The Flame Harem costume is only appeared in the anime adaptation of episode 18 of the Clear Card arc instead of Sakura's Ceremonial Costume a female version of Syaoran's Ceremonial Costume as a matching pairs along with Kero from the manga chapter 18 for episode 18 based on chapter 18.
  • The Flame Harem costume is inspired of an ifrit an infernal fire djinn from Arabian folklore and is based on Arabian clothing design.


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