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Kanji: 飛翔
Katakana: フライト
Romaji: Hishō
Counterpart: The Fly
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 10
First Appearance (Anime): Episode 7

Flight (Kanji: 飛翔, Katakana: フライト, Romaji: Hishō) is one of the Clear Cards that was captured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards.


Flight appears as a giant transparent bow with pink tips. Additionally, it has yellow six-pointed stars on the bow's tips, as well as having feathery tails. A star-crystal tying the center.[1] Before being captured, Flight did not have the crystal center nor the bow.[2]



Flight appears at Tomoyo's house bringing some strange wind. Syaoran tries to attack it with magic, but the card is able to dodge it. In the anime, Sakura chases Flight around Tomoyo's garden trying to catch it with Gravitation and Action cards, but to no avail. Sakura soon realizes that the card is frightened and instead of subduing it by force, she ask it to be her friend to which Flight agrees attaching to Sakura's back to allow her to fly.[2]

Examine Use[]

Flight and Sakura become very close, as Flight is always happy to be used by her even when the situation is too dangerous.[3]

Flight is the only Clear Card in the Clockland world that support Syaoran and The Mirror. The latter explains that Flight remembers both of them from the time Mirror copied it, as well as knowing how much Syaoran means to Sakura.[4]

Upon reaching Sakura and Akiho, Syaoran makes The Mirror replicate Flight to help both Sakura and Akiho to escape while Syaoran confronts Kaito.[5]

Sakura invokes Flight in Chapter 75 to take her flying, having already used The Fly on Syaoran.

In Chapter 80, Flight is revealed to be the only Clear Card that remained in Sakura's possession after the others where bound to the disappeared Alice in Clockland book.

Magical Abilities[]

Flying Magic: Flight enables the user to fly, similarly to The Fly card.[1]



  • The kanji at the top of the card: 飛翔 (Pronounced Hishou) means 'flight, flying or soaring' in Japanese.


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