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First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 10
First Appearance (Anime): Episode 7

Flight (Kanji: 飛翔, Katakana: フライト, Romaji: Furaito) is one of the Clear Cards that was captured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards.


Flight appears as a giant transparent bow with pink tips. Additionally, it has yellow six-pointed stars on the bow's tips, as well as having feathery tails. A star-crystal tying the center.[1] Before being captured, Flight did not have the crystal center nor the bow.[2]

Magic and Abilities

Flying Magic: Flight enables the user to fly, similarly to Fly card.[1]



  • The kanji at the top of the card: 飛翔 (Pronounced Hishou) means 'flight, flying or soaring' in Japanese.


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