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Frog Raincoat
Froggy Raincoat
Used in: Episode 3
Chapter 5
Card Captured: Aqua
Motif: Frogs
Color(s): Green
Pink Ribbon Dress Costume
Pastel Lotus Costume

Froggy Raincoat was designed by Tomoyo Daidouji for Sakura Kinomoto to wear. It was seen in the third episode.

Clear Card Costume Concept Art Ep 03

Design Description[]

"A battle costume in the image of a frog worn by Sakura in Episode 3. The hood makes it extensively cute♪ The matching rainboots are also cute."
Official Description
The material used in this costume is vinyl. A leaf green, vest-raincoat lined with yellow on the inside, with its pockets and the center lined with yellow, as well as a large and thick lining along the hem of the coat that comes with a design to resemble a frog. The outfit comes with leaf green sleeves that are separate from the raincoat, sharing a similar yellow lining with the hem of the coat, resembling frog eyes. The coat includes a hood in the image of a frog, the eyes in the color black. The leaf green ankle boots has its base in yellow, as well as a yellow lining along the opening of the boots to resemble frog eyes. Sakura's school uniform skirt and socks are worn with this outfit.