Fukka Shourai!
Fukka Shourai
Kanji 風華招来
Hiragana ふうかしょうらい
Romanji Fukka Shōrai
Magic Specifications
Item Assist Yes
Item Ceremonial Jian and Wind Jufu
Element(s) Wind
Fukka Shourai (Wind flower: Summoning) is one of Syaoran Li's attack spells, using his Ceremonial Jian, and a wind Jufu. It can be used to create whirlwinds as barriers or to allow for brief levitation.  

"Obey the command! Wind Flower, Come Forth!"

-Syaoran Li


In the English-dub the phrase is shortened to "Element: Wind!" in order to match the animation's lip-flaps.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Unlike his counterpart, Tsubasa Li doesn't use the paper charms, he simply uses his two fingertips to summon the spell.


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