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Fuuka Shourai
Fuuka Shourai
Kanji 風華招来
Hiragana ふうかしょうらい
Romaji Fuuka Shōrai
Magic Specifications
Item Assist Yes
Item Syaoran's Sword and Wind Ofuda
Element(s) Wind
First Use (Anime) Episode 14

Fuuka Shourai (Wind Flower: Summoning) is one of Syaoran Li's attack spells.


It can be used to create whirlwinds as barriers or to allow for brief levitation. Using his sword, a wind ofuda, and an incantation, Syaoran says: 

"Obey the command! Wind Flower, Come Forth!"


In the English-dub the phrase is shortened to

"Element: Wind!"

in order to match the animation's lip-flaps.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles[]

Unlike his counterpart, Tsubasa Li doesn't use the paper charms; he simply uses his two fingertips to summon the spell instead.