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Gentleman Penguin Costume
Gentleman Penguin Costume
Used in: Episode 11
Card Captured: Reversal
Motif: Gentlemen
Color(s): Blue
Marine Jester Dress Costume
Waterproof Wing Coat Costume

The Gentleman Penguin Outfit is a costume worn by Sakura Kinomoto. The costume was created by Tomoyo Daidouji and was seen in the eleventh episode.

Clear Card Costume Concept Art Ep 11

Design Description[]

"The battle costume that appeared in Episode 11. The section of the trousers above the knee is spread puffily, and a vest is worn overtop. A very cute outfit just like a penguin♪"
Official Description
An ensemble inspired by men's white tie and 1800's fashion. The white button-down waistcoat has a high collar, its edges lined with yellow with red accents at the front tails for decoration. A red ascot tie is worn with the waistcoat. A pair of trousers, where the area above the knee is puffy, is worn with the waistcoat. The main body is blue, and the side is lined with red and white, along with three buttons down the bottom. A single-tail blue tailcoat with yellow lining and inner-lining is worn on top of the waistcoat, the three buttons being yellow as well. A pair of white boots that has a red base, along with buttons running down the sides is worn with this ensemble. Accessories include a flight attendant hat, with white wrapping around the sides, blue on the top, red lining between the blue and white, as well as three buttons along the white area.