Green Dash Jester Costume
Green Dash Jester Costume
Used in Episode 30
Little Alice Costume
Winged Create Costume
The Green Dash Jester Costume was worn by Sakura when capturing The Dash. It was made by Tomoyo, the outfit designed with flowing fabric to be able to capture the card with speed and agility.

Green Dash Jester Costume Settei

Design Description

A lime green, turtleneck, long-sleeved top worn with matching lime green shorts. A red coat with puffed sleeves and a jagged hem that is worn over the top and the shorts are held together by two straps along the front with green buttons, its borders lined in gold. A pair of lime green stockings and a pair of red ankle boots is worn with the ensemble, the boot's designs resembling that of the red coat. Accessories include a pair of dark green gloves with golden lining, as well as a lime green hat with two tails that resembles rabbit ears.



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