Grey Star Costume
Grey Star Costume
Used in Episode 50
Chapter 29
Pink Conversion Costume
Blue Ram Costume

The Grey Star Costume is worn by Sakura when she has to free Syaoran from the invisible threads using the Sword card. This costume was designed by Tomoyo and is based on the same style as the episode 50 costume. Grey Star Costume Settei

Design Description


This costume is very simple and mainly consists of grey, black and white fabric. The top part of the costume goes over the main dress and skirt. The top part of the costume has a very formal look and it is white with a black rim. 4 buttons line the front part of the costume and on the right hand side of the costume, there is a yellow star stamp with black ribbon coming from the bottom of it. At the back of the costume, the top part of the costume divides into 2 tails, which are very long and extend to Sakura's knees. The bottom part of the outfit, which is under the top part, is just a plain white shirt with a long skirt. The skirt is serrated although the front part of the skirt is flat and grey. The grey gloves are split on the side and have black rims.

The boots are thigh high and match well with the rest of the costume. They are grey with black rims on the top of the boots. The sides of the boots have 4 black buttons and the top part of the boot is split. The hat is cylindrical and is grey. On one side of the hat, there is a ribbon with a yellow star stamp on it.

In the manga, the hat, jacket, and boots are red with black edging and buttons and the skirt is red and black instead of white and grey.


In the original manga by CLAMP, the costume is displayed as red and black, instead of grey and grey-blue. The star brooch has a light-pink background to it and features stripped ribbons instead of the solid grey-black.



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