Cardcaptor Sakura Wiki
Kanji: 氷雹
Katakana: ヘイル
Romaji: Kōrihyō
Counterpart: The Snow
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 39
First Appearance (Anime): Episode 12

Hail (Kanji: 氷雹, Katakana: ヘイル, Romaji: Kōrihyō) is one of the Clear Cards that was captured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards. It's an anime-exclusive card.


On its card, it appears as several pieces of hail falling from the sky, with a few being nearly spiky. Its main body appears as a single spiky ice crystal.


Hail appears bringing a hailstorm in middle of the school's sport day, manifesting from Sakura's desire that Syaoran and Akiho tie their badminton match.

Sakura uses Reflect to protect herself from the ice drops that attack her, but end up damaging the school's building. Syaoran suggest to fight it with fire, but since Sakura doesn't have any fire-based card, he uses his own fire magic. This however is not strong enough, forcing Syaoran to discreetly summon The Firey, allowing the securing of the card.

Magical Abilities[]

Hail Magic: It has the ability to create a hail storm in a given area. With the correct force and angle, its ice could damage objects, even buildings.



  • The kanji at the top of the card: 氷雹 (Pronounced 'Kōri hyou') means 'ice hail' in Japanese. The kanji: 雹 refers to hail that is 5mm or bigger, and the kanji: 氷 refers to icicles, ice, hail, freeze or congeal.
  • Reversal and Hail appear in Clear Card Chapter 39 with the other Clear Cards circling Sakura. It is unknown if this was an error or if they were intentionally put in by CLAMP.