Honey Cover.png
Singer chihiro
In album Honey
Release May 21, 1999
Genre J-Pop
Length 4:20
Language Japanese
Episode(s) Episode 36-46

Honey is the ending song to the second season of Cardcaptor Sakura, sung by Chihiro. There is also a version sung by Sakura Tange, the voice actress who plays Sakura Kinomoto.


This song is the ending song to the second season of Cardcaptor Sakura, unlike other joyful or lively opening and ending songs, this ending song is very soft and a little bit sorrowful. The drink milk with honey which is mentioned in the song again and again is the favorite drink of the Sakura-chan. And there were two extras named "Honey milk Tales" (Japanese: ハチミツミルク) revealed this, as the story told when Sakura-chan 3 years old and caught a cold, her brother took care of her and asked what would she like, she told her brother that she would like a cup of honey milk that she had drunk before, and got known that's a dish of her mom, who has rested in peace then. The drink has become her favorite when she catches a cold since then. And when Syaoran caught a cold after, she also came to his home sent him a meal, and made him a cup of honey milk.



【HD】カードキャプターさくら ED2 「Honey」

Short Version


Honey - Chihiro, Full version, Card captor sakura-0

Full Version


madobe ni hitori hoodzuetsuite
yamanai ame wo jitto mite'ru
kyou wa zutto hitori
ima goro nani wo shite'ru no ka na
hiroiatsumeru kioku wa takaramono
KYUN to shichau

Ah fushigi da ne
omoidasu dake de
yasashiku nareru

atatakai MIRUKU ni
amaku hirogaru HACHIMITSU mitai da ne
kokoro tokasu yo
sono hohoemi wa sou totteoki no Honey

miageru sora ORION no RUBI-
watashi dake no PURANETARIUMU ni ne
youkoso kon'ya mo
issho ni iru to mitsumerarenai
ima wa hyakuman-bai no ZU-MU APPU de
sora ni egakou

Ah suteki da ne
donna toki datte
soba ni iru mitai

kanashii namida ni
hiza wo kakaete nemurenai yoru demo
yuuki wo kureru yo
sono hohoemi wa sou totteoki no Honey

tsubasa wo hirogete
maiorite kuru hoshizora no you da ne
tsuyoku nareru yo
sono hohoemi wa sou watashi dake no Honey

Alone, I lean on the windowsill, my cheek resting on my palm
staring at the endless rain
I've been alone all day
I wonder what you're doing right now...
The memories I collect are precious treasures
Making my heart wrench

Ah Isn't it strange?
Just remembering
makes me affectionate.

Just like honey
spreading out sweetly in warm milk
My heart dissolves
Your smile is the finest honey.

Looking up in the sky at Orion's Ruby
In my very own planetarium
Welcome back again tonight
When we're together, I can't gaze at the stars
Now let's zoom up 100 thousand times
and draw in the sky

Ah Isn't it wonderful?
It's like
you're always by my side

On nights when I can only curl up
and cry sad tears
you give me courage.
Your smile is the finest honey.

I spread my wings wide
and alight from Heaven, like the star-filled sky
I can be strong!
Your smile is my very own honey.


Ah 不思議だね

その微笑みはそう とっておきの Honey

見上げる空 オリオンのルビー
ようこそ 今夜も

Ah 素敵だね

その微笑みはそう とっておきの Honey

その微笑みはそう わたしだけの Honey



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