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Jockey Style Outfit
Jockey style outfit
Used in: Episode 14
Color(s): Brown
Matching Apron
Lace and Culotte Outfit

The Jockey Style Outfit is a casual outfit worn by Sakura Kinomoto. It was seen in the fourteenth episode.

Clear Card Costume Concept Art Ep 14

Design Description[]

"Sakura's personal outfit seen in Episode 14. The hair are curled like fluttering waves. Gives off a very fresh atmosphere that's different from usual♪"
Official description
A long-sleeved, white button-down shirt is worn beneath a cream-yellow jockey-style vest with beige shoulder and back sections, buttons, chest pocket opening and a back buckle. A pair of wide brown pants is also in jockey style, the waist with three buttons, as well as the leg cuffs. The ensemble is worn with a pair of light-chocolate lace-up boots. Accessories include a red bag that can be strapped on the back or hand-carried.

In Episode 14, the back of Sakura's hair is curled in a wavy style, her strands of hair above her hand more curled than usual.