Jockey Style Outfit
Jockey style outfit
Used in Episode 14
Matching Apron
Lace and Culotte Outfit
The Jockey Style Outfit is a casual outfit worn by Sakura Kinomoto. It was seen in the fourteenth episode.

Design Description

"Sakura's personal outfit seen in Episode 14. The hair are curled like fluttering waves. Gives off a very fresh atmosphere that's different from usual♪"
Official description
A long-sleeved, white button-down shirt is worn beneath a cream-yellow jockey-style vest with beige shoulder and back sections, buttons, chest pocket opening and a back buckle. A pair of wide brown pants is also in jockey style, the waist with three buttons, as well as the leg cuffs. The ensemble is worn with a pair of light-chocolate lace-up boots. Accessories include a red bag that can be strapped on the back or hand-carried.

In Episode 14, the back of Sakura's hair is curled in a wavy style, her strands of hair above her hand more curled than usual.





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