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Kaito's Staff
User(s): Yuna D. Kaito
Used with: Time Magic Pocketwatch
First Appearance (Manga): Pocketwatch: Chapter 11

Staff Form: Chapter 28

First Appearance (Anime): Pocketwatch: Episode 17

Kaito's Staff is a scepter-like object of supreme magical power with which he can cast magic at will, in addition to his unusual time-magic. It is the true form of his gold pocketwatch. The staff mostly appears to aid Kaito to conduct his Time reversal spell.



Golden Pocketwatch Yuna D. Kaito used for time-reversing.

Staff Form[]

It is very long and gold-colored like the one now wielded by Eriol. it has a large gold clock in the very center piece's frontal side while a radial clock hand along a hemisphere on the back.


Yuna use the clock staff to reverse time prevent Sakura from breaking free of his time-freezing ability fully. He also used it briefly to engage in a long distance magic duel against Eriol, to prevent another 'D' from interfering with his plans.[1]

As Kaito took Akiho to Tomoeda against the wishes of the clan and the association, they regularly attacked him with magic arrows from a distance. However, Kaito always dealt with it by using his Clock staff to stop the time to protect Akiho.[2]

The book inside Akiho ends up activating on two occasions, but both are prevented by Kaito's time magic that turned back time. He use the Clock staff to stop the time of Akiho’s book as an emergency solution, preventing her from going haywire every time she comes in contact with magic. [3]

Yuna utilized it again when Nadeshiko Kinomoto's spirit appeared before him, she tried to warn Kaito if he continues to use his magic his life will be danger. He also used it to against Syaoran, who used The Shield card to defend himself. When Yuna turns back time, Sakura secures Transfer without remembering where it came from.[4]

Another time, the Nadeshiko's Clock reacts to the magic contained within Akiho being activated when Sakura tells her that she wishes her happiness, which rekindles the sad memories of her past. The clock then stops time for everyone except Sakura, who then runs into Momo when she shows up worried about Akiho.[5]

The two have a conversation after which Momo decides to show Sakura a world where is unhappiness and her loved ones doesn't remember her, however Yuna appears interrupts the meeting and use it to cast the spell turns back time. Upon returning home, Sakura realizes that she has created Time but doesn't remember doing it. [5]

Yuna used it to cast the spell turns back time, but Sakura self-wards it off with her Siege card. Once she finally confronts directly him with her Dream Wand, he holds his mystical staff to against her magics increasingly so powerful. Sakura use Transfer to switch places with Kaito trapped inside Siege, she is able to remember what happened even after he rewind.[6]

Magical Properties[]

  • Chrono Magic: Like with his watch, Kaito can freeze or rewind time as he sees fit. However, everytime he branches history by rewinding it with this magic, he becomes closer to having his 'time' stopped as the price (different, but similar, to Yūko).

Spells cast by the Staff[]

Spell of Time[]

Tina rie triax

Time, in accordance of the covenant, turn back

Spell of Secrets[]

Tina rei atropos

Reveal to me all that is hidden