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Clow Reed, one of the ancestors of the Li Clan

The Li Clan are a Chinese family of Moon magic users and are the descendants of Clow Reed, who currently live in Hong Kong, China.


Clow Reed was born of a Chinese mother and an English father, both of whom were extremely powerful mages from powerful magical families (his father from a family of Sun magic users, and his mother from the Li clan, a family of Moon magic users) and, because of the blend of Eastern and Western magic he received in his blood, it's highly likely that, over the course of the many centuries of his life, Clow Reed may have fathered children, one at least of which had gone-on to marry back into the Li clan (Clow Reed's mother's family).


Li Clan Magic Circle

Li Clan's Magic Circle- Symbol Description: From the characters closest to the yin-yang symbol, and going around clockwise, they read: 冬、春、夏、秋 - winter, spring, summer, fall 水、火、風、地 - water, fire, wind, earth 北、東、南、西 - North, East, South, West 天、鬼、地、神 - Heaven, Demon, Earth, God

The Li Family are users of moon magic, thus they draw their magical powers mainly from the moon. They are able use magic that closely resembles Tao magic.

  • Spell-Casting
  • Elemental Magic
  • Supernatural Detection
  • Dream foretell



  • Despite, the fact that Li clan are a family of magic users, only Yelan Li and Syaoran Li are able to use magic.