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Lilie Shinomoto
詩之本 リリエ
Akiho's Mother
Series Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card
Age 25
Relatives Unnamed husband
Akiho Shinomoto (daughter)
Affiliates Yuna D. Kaito (young friend)
Nadeshiko Kinomoto (childhood friend)
Likes Mint-Chocolate
Powers/Abilities • Prophetic Dreams

• Use of high-level magics

Gender Female
Hair Ash-Blonde
Eyes Blue
First Appearance (Manga)
Chapter 36 (flashback)
Last Appearance (Manga)
First Appearance (Anime)
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Last Appearance (Anime)
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Lilie Shinomoto (詩之本 リリエ, Shinomoto Lilie) is a supporting character in Clear Card Arc manga. She was the wife of the another powerful magician of the European Clan and the late mother of Akiho Shinomoto.


Lilie is very similar to Akiho, but with longer hair.

She wore the ceremonial white robe and hat just as all members of her magical clan do.


Lilie was quite caring and understanding—which her daughter Akiho inherited; similar to that of her non-magical friend, Nadeshiko Kinomoto.


Lilie was born into the oldest magician clan in Europe and was recognized for her great magical powers [1].

In her childhood, she became friends with Nadeshiko when she was traveling in England with her grandparents. When they said goodbye, Lilie told Nadeshiko that she could not write to her. This was because she did not want to involve Nadeshiko in her world. [2]

The two would not meet again until many years later, when Nadeshiko was in high school, traveling the world with the person she loved. At that time, Lilie gave some kind of special magic clock to Nadeshiko, telling her that she will put a special spell on it for the "two beautiful Alices" that one day will come to them.[2]

At some point, she met Yuna D. Kaito, becoming a valuable friend to the young man[1]

She died shortly after giving birth to her daughter Akiho. Before passing away, she spoke to Momo, asking her to take care of her "little Alice" [3].

Sakura Kinomoto has a dream in which she meets the robed figure she used to see, who is revealed to be Lilie claiming to have traveled through time and dreams to talk to her. There, Lilie reveals herself to be the true identity of the robed figure all along, being that she had been trying to communicate with Sakura all along, but her voice couldn't reach her and ended up mixing with Sakura's precognitive dreams causing the anomalies like seeing Syaoran Li in the robe instead of Kaito disguised as Alice's cat[4].

Lilie reveals to Sakura that her past and her memories have been altered by a taboo magic, something that she is not affected by as she comes from a time before Kaito's birth. However, the magic soon begins to break the dream due to it being able to affect Sakura, which in turn will erase her memories of the conversation. Lilie tells Sakura that she has a magic that can free her and Akiho from a world that does not have the person most dear to her, and that she believes in the two of them [4].

Powers and Abilities[]

High Level Magic: Lilie's powers were immense as she was said to be the strongest sorceress of her renowned clan.

Prophetic Dreams: Of all the magics she mastered, Lilie specialized in the ability to see the future through her dreams.

Her connection with dreams was such that she was able to transcend time and connect with the future, allowing to interact with Sakura's dream to tell her that Kaito turn back time and erase everyone memories.[4]

Just like her childhood friend Nadeshiko, Lilie became an angel after her death.[5]


Yuna D. Kaito[]


Nadeshiko Kinomoto[]

As a girl, Lilie became good friends with young Nadeshiko—before Nadeshiko had met and fallen in love with Fujitaka Kinomoto. Despite being quite close as their daughters would be, Lillie did not wish to involve her childhood friend into her dangerous and unpredictable world of magic.


  • Her given name Lilie means "Lily" flower or "Lilium" in Latin language.
  • Lilie's surname Shinomoto means "poem" (詩, shi), "this" (之, no) and "base, root, origin, source" (本, moto), which literally means "the origin of poetry" altogether.


  • 12~13 year old Akiho mentioned that her mother died when she was just a year old.[6]
    • Nadeshiko died when Sakura was 3 years old, making her 27 years of age; therefore, Lilie died at 25 years old.

Media Appearances[]


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