Little Alice Costume
Little Alice Costume 2
Used in Episode 24
Song Dress Costume
Green Dash Jester Costume
The Little Alice Costume was worn by Sakura when capturing The Little. It was made by Tomoyo in the image of Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Little Alice Costume Settei

Design Description

A long-sleeved, sky blue dress that has a white tulle underneath, along with a cream-colored collar; as well as tights and sleeve-cuffs. A maid's apron resembling that of what Alice wears in the story is worn on top of the blue dress, with sleeves of large volume and a much larger bow at the back. A pair of Victorian-style, white drawers is worn under the skirt, along with cream stockings and a pair of blue Mary Janes. Accessories include a large, pink bow, worn in the back of the hair .



  • The bow in the anime is pink, while in the manga it is seen as robin egg-blue.


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