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Marine Jester Dress Costume
Marine Jester Dress
Used in: Episode 9
Card Captured: Spiral
Motif: Jester
Color(s): Blue
Starry Yellow Dress
Gentleman Penguin Costume

The Jester Dress costume is worn by Sakura Kinomoto. The costume was created by Tomoyo Daidouji and was seen in Episode 9.

Clear Card Costume Concept Art Ep 09

Design Description[]

"A battle costume that appeared in Episode 9. An outfit meant to reference the Episode 3 Battle Costume used in Episode 3 of the "Clow Card Arc". It's gentle aqua color increases the marine element♪"
Official Description
A spaghetti strap, aquamarine top layer with three yellow buttons running down the center of the body. The layer extends into long, triangular, ice blue fabric that ends with a yellow ball to create a jester look and to reference back to the previous Blue Jester Costume. A white vest that has a high collar and a yellow circle at the bottom of the opening, as well as a blue tulle skirt is worn beneath the top layer. A pair of thigh-high aquamarine boots with a blue base is worn with this ensemble. Accessories include a pair of matching aquamarine long gloves, as well as a jester-style hat in the color of aquamarine, the opening lined with a white flap that has a yellow circle on each side, and the tips of the hat ends with a yellow ball. The hat shares exactly the same design as the one from the Blue Jester Costume, except that the tips are much shorter this time around.