Meiling's Battle Costume
Meiling Costume
Used in Episode 20

Meiling Li wears this outfit throughout the series of Cardcaptor Sakura. The clothes appear to be ceremonial and it is based on the same design as Syaoran Li’s battle costume. Meiling Battle Costume Settei

Design Description

The three main colours of this outfit are orange, cream and red. The main part of the costume is mainly cream and the chest of the costume is red with orange rims. There is a yin yang symbol emblazoned on the front of the costume, on the chest. Around the symbol is an orange rim.

This costume also has extremely long sleeves with orange trim and a bell attached to each sleeve (this is based on Syaoran’s costume.) The skirt of the costume is very short. with a split on each side of the hip. A pair of short, cream-coloured shorts are worn underneath.

The shoes are the same red colour of the costume, with orange trim. This costume does not have a headpiece, although Meiling wears two red ribbons to fasten her odango hair-style.


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