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Kanji: 幻影
Katakana: ミラージュ
Romaji: Gen'ei
Symbolism: Butterfish
Counterpart: The Illusion
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 46
First Appearance (Anime): Episode 14

Mirage (Kanji: 幻影, Katakana: ミラージュ, Romaji: Gen'ei) is one of the Clear Cards that was captured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards. Prior to Chapter 46, it was an anime-exclusive card.


In card form, Mirage has the appearance of a white butterfish with a beak, it has long fins where the right fin is white with the left having a gold underside and its tail blending towards the color blue to give the sense of illusion. Above its head is a small yellow star. Before it was captured it appeared as a glowing multi-colored bubble.

The background on of the card is a landscape of mountains and clouds; a reference to, "蜃気楼" an alternate kanji spelling of "Mirage".


In the anime, Mirage makes Sakura see things related to what she thinks, like seeing her friends turned into animals because that day they planned to go to the zoo. As Sakura freaks out, the card becomes chaotic, taking her and Kero to an illusion world. Syaoran manages to use his magic to stop time and make Sakura stop Mirage's magic, allowing her to secure the card. [1]

In the manga, Mirage manifests from Sakura's fear of her dream by seeing Syaoran as the cloaked figure, creating an illusion of this. Sakura uses Siege and Lucid to lock herself up next to the figure and tries to reveal the mask of the robe, leading to the figure attacking Sakura but she uses Reflect to defend herself. When she sees Syaoran under the robe, then the real one appears, making the false one to disappear. This makes Sakura realize the truth it was a card, allowing her to secure it. [2]

Magical Abilities[]

Illusion Creation: Mirage has the ability to create almost realistic illusions which can only be seen by the target, such as animal features on humans.

It is also capable of engulfing its targets into a made-up landscape that is formed depending on the thoughts that the spell-caster has at the time or, at the time of its capture, by its selected target.

It is thus similar to The Illusion card.



  • The kanji at the top of the card: 幻影 (pronounced Gen'ei) means 'phantom, vision, or illusion' in Japanese.


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