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Kanji: 鏡像
Katakana: ミラー
Romaji: Kyōzō
Counterpart: The Mirror
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 23
First Appearance (Anime): Episode 21

Mirror (Kanji: 鏡像, Katakana: ミラー, Romaji: Kyōzō) is one of the Clear Cards which Sakura secured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards.


Mirror takes the form of a light-green haired young girl holding a mirror in her hands and wearing a head-mirror. She has a pair of crystal horns protruding from her head, and bangs parting in the middle, along two tails tied in front. She wears a lengthy, Chinese-style robe with a crystallized collar. An eight-pointed crystal is embedded on the front of her robe.

Her card form bares similarities to The Mirror, with the exception of additional details such as crystal adornments and her eyes being open; whereas her counterpart's eyes were closed like the rest of the Sakura Cards depicted.



Mirror appears when Sakura arrives at her house and realizes that it is inverted, as if in a reflection. Upon securing the card and seeing the similarity to The Mirror, Syaoran realizes that Sakura created it after their previous conversation about "needing a mirror to see yourself" and how Sakura said she wanted "a mirror that shows her true self". Sakura then uses Mirror to copy Flight so she can fly along with Syaoran.[1]

Examine Use[]

Sakura uses Mirror in Chapter 27 to replicate Flight once again in order to save Akiho from falling and take the girl with her. However this is reversed by Yuna D. Kaito's time magic.

In Chapter 62, Sakura finds out that Mirror have became translucent, as Kero says that someone stole its magic. It is not until Chapter 67 revealed that Kaito took Mirror to use its magic to take on Syaoran's appearance and trick Sakura inside the world of Alice in Clockland.

Magical Abilities[]

Imitation Magic: Similar to The Mirror card, it has the ability to copy all sorts of things but to a larger extent, being able to mimic and duplicate the power of other Clear Cards. Its power also extends to others besides Mirror itself, as Kaito used it to take the appearance of Syaoran.

Illusion Inversion: It also has the ability to create inverted illusions of reality such as buildings and locations.



  • This is the first Clear Card to resemble its Sakura Card counterpart almost completely.
  • The kanji at the top of the card: 鏡像 (Pronounced Kyouzou) means 'mirror image or reflected image' in Japanese.


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